Cultural Studies Careers: Becoming an Academic Editor

Cultural Studies Careers: Becoming an Academic Editor

April 30, 2018

Becoming an Academic Editor - Multicolored glass walls, like a Mondrian painting

Ideas on Fire is heading to Pittsburgh soon to lead a workshop at the 2018 Cultural Studies Association conference on one of the many cultural studies careers out there: academic editing. Come on by, we’d love to see you!

Cultural Studies Careers: Becoming an Academic Editor

More PhDs work off the tenure track than on it, and graduate students desperately need training in diverse careers. In this praxis session, we’ll give participants an inside look into one of the many possible careers they can pursue with a cultural studies degree and show how they can use their grad school years to train for it.

Topics covered will include the differences between being an academic and being a professional editor, training and professional development, author-editor-publisher relationships, editing terminology and tools, and how to figure out if editing is for you.

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to join us on May 31, 2018, 10:15–11:45 am ET in Pittsburgh, PA

at Carnegie Mellon University

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