Are you writing your dissertation but struggling to make daily progress?

You love your project but after taking care of the never-ending deluge of teaching, grading, event organizing, publishing, and job applications, you rarely have the energy, time, or inspiration to write.

You start to wonder (or maybe your advisor wonders): When will I ever be done??

In the Dissertation Rockstar Bootcamp, you can

Map out all the parts of your dissertation and design a concrete plan for completing them by specific deadlines

Create a regular writing routine you can actually stick to

Find the accountability and community you need to make steady, growing progress on your dissertation

Tala K
Tala K.

For people who are contemplating the Dissertation Rockstar Bootcamp, my advice is to enroll in it immediately! I loved the program. One of my favorite things about it is that it was very accessible and took a very holistic approach to academic coaching. I also really loved that it was diverse, interdisciplinary, and social justice-oriented. I learned a lot about different aspects of myself and one of the things I most valued was the importance of having an accountability structure, which I’ve implemented ever since. 

Zach M.
Zach M.

Grad school can be very isolating, so it was a really good place to find some camaraderie in the Dissertation Rockstar Bootcamp and to be able to talk about things outside of my own department. It’s really nice to see that we had so many shared experiences. Additionally, I made some good friends in the DRS program!

Bootcamp Topics

road maps
project management
writing routines
writing groups
revising drafts
resource management
your team
author platform
road blocks
semester reviews

What You Get

A Personal Coach

We match you with a coach who knows your project and is there to help every step of the way

Weekly Office Hours

Get feedback and support from the entire rockstar team on your progress toward your goals

Interdisciplinary Community

Lifetime access to our private online community where you can work with other rockstars

Twice-Monthly Webinars

On topics like working with advisors, work/life balance, and organizing dissertation chapters

10 Lessons

Delivered in downloadable pdf ebooks so you can return to them whenever you’d like

10 Activity Worksheets

To help you set goals, organize your research, find new tools, and build your dissertation team

Meet Your Rockstar Coaches

Get personalized guidance from our four Rockstar Coaches (click the tabs to read more about them and their areas of expertise)

Cathy Hannabach, Apr 2016, squareProgram Director

Areas of Rockstar Expertise:


Writing routines + writing groups

Research + managing research materials

Structuring/organizing your dissertation

Creating + meeting deadlines

Altac/Postac careers (careers beyond the tenure track)

Read more about Cathy

Head Rockstar CoachTerry Park 2

Areas of Rockstar Expertise:

Performance (especially how to use in teaching)

Teaching + pedagogy

Altac/Postac careers (careers beyond the tenure track)

Arts-based research

Read more about Terry

Rockstar CoachJulia Jordan-Zachery

Areas of Rockstar Expertise:

Time + energy management

Self care + work/life balance

Parenting in academia

Writing routines

Read more about Julia

Rockstar CoachKate Drabinski

Areas of Rockstar Expertise:

Writing (especially first drafts and getting started)

Teaching + pedagogy (including public pedagogy)

Freelancing + getting paid to write

Self care + work/life balance

Read more about Kate


Enrollment is now open for Summer 2017!

The investment for the Dissertation Rockstar Bootcamp is $300 with two payment options:

one payment of $300 or four payments of $75.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will the bootcamp take?

The Dissertation Rockstar Bootcamp is designed to fit around your schedule, as we know you’re busy. We recommend you set aside 10-15 minutes to read each lesson, and 45-60 minutes to work through each worksheet. Some modules may take you longer than others. You can also work through the lessons in any order you want.

When are Office Hours? Who leads them? How do I access them?

The program director and rockstar coaches—Cathy Hannabach, Terry Park, Julia Jordan-Zachery, and Kate Drabinski—host weekly Office Hours, and you can attend any of the Office Hours you want. Office Hours are where you can get help as you work through the program materials and activities. Office Hours take place in our private Slack community. The Office Hours schedule can be found here:

What happens if I need to miss Office Hours?

No sweat. All Office Hour sessions are archived in our private online community, so you can read through what was discussed and catch up. And if you know ahead of time you need to miss a week or two but have a question, you can always post it to our online community for feedback from the group, the program director, and the rockstar coaches.

Can I work at my own pace or is there a set order of topics?

When you enroll in the bootcamp, you’ll receive access to all the program materials, including all 10 lessons and worksheets. You can work through them at your own pace, in whatever order you please. That said, we strongly recommend you begin with the Road Map module as you’ll use it to set goals and plans for the semester.

Isn’t my advisor supposed to be helping me with this stuff? 

Advisors/dissertation directors/major professors are amazing. They are often your strongest allies through your time in graduate school, and their mentoring will absolutely help shape the career(s) you build for yourself. However, they often lack the time or resources to offer the type of personalized, holistic support that our program does. Additionally, they are often stretched thin advising many students at once, due to increasing advising and administrative loads. In the Dissertation Rockstar Bootcamp you get concrete, personalized, and holistic support tailored to your individual goals and needs to make serious progress on your dissertation. Indeed, many faculty send their grad students to this program precisely for this reason.

Will this bootcamp help me get an academic or non-academic job?

While graduate students juggling job applications within and beyond the academy are absolutely welcome, the job search is not the primary focus of this bootcamp. Indeed, we are approaching your dissertation from a holistic perspective because you are a whole, embodied person with a huge range of desires, passions, projects, skills, relationships, commitments, and futures. If you want to learn how to develop a writing routine to finish your dissertation, create and meet deadlines, contribute to a supportive community, and develop healthy habits to sustain you as a holistic person, then we’d love to have you! If you’re primarily looking for a job market support group and/or feedback on job application materials, there are several other services that would be a better fit, including The Professor Is In.

Want ongoing writing support, accountability, and community with fellow progressive, interdisciplinary rockstars writing kick-ass dissertations?

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