Passion often ignites our intellectual projects. We’ve got real questions and real curiosity, the early stages of research and writing are exciting, and we’re filled with academic inspiration.

But that early rush can fade, especially as we face revision after revision, critique after critique—the life can get sucked out of our work by the grind necessary to finish up projects.

How can we get re-inspired by projects we’ve been working on for a long time? Is it worth digging out that old seminar paper to turn it into a publication or presentation? If so, how do we make ourselves face it again in the first place? How do we find the motivation to actually finish what we started?

In this month’s Ideas on Fire webinar, Dr. Kate Drabinski explains how to get re-inspired by old projects so you can finish that chapter, rework that publication, and jump-start new research.

How to Get Re-Inspired by an Old Project

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