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Guest Information:

Imagine Otherwise Podcast

Imagine Otherwise is a podcast featuring the artists, academics, an activists who are building better worlds. In each episode, host Cathy Hannabach interviews creators who use culture for social justice to explore the nitty-gritty work of imagining and creating more just worlds.

Episodes are released every 2 weeks, on Wednesdays.

Want to be a guest?

We welcome guest pitches for artists, academics, and activists who work explicitly brings together these three realms. You can pitch yourself or someone else you think would be a good fit by filling out our pitch a guest form. See past episodes for the topics we cover and don't cover.


Guest interviews take place 2–3 months before the episode will air. So if your interview is scheduled for January, your episode will most likely air in March or April, depending on our editorial calendar. Keep this in mind when pitching a guest. If you want your episode to drum up interest in an upcoming book release, exhibition, or other event, we recommend submitting your pitch 3–6 months ahead of time as our editorial calendar fills up in advance (see the upcoming guests page for the future episodes we already have set).

How we put together each episode

Yellow and red infographic explaining the steps each episode goes through in the production process. Includes development, onboarding, pre-production, production, post-production, distribution, and episode release.

How to prepare for your interview

Prep beforehand

Review the interview questions and jot down some notes on what you want to cover. Cathy may also ask questions not on the list to follow up on topics you discuss.

Assume an interested audience who is not familiar with the intricacies of your work, so introduce and explain any concepts, historical events, or people that audiences need to understand to follow your points.

Find a quiet, indoor room for your interview

Any sound on your end will be picked up by your microphone and recorded. This can ruin interview tape. Close all the windows and doors in the recording room and turn off anything that makes noise like fans and air conditioning units. Turn off all sounds and notifications on your computer, phone, and tablets (SO many people forget this, leading to phones ringing, tablets chiming, and texts swooshing in the middle of a great sentence that then has to be chucked out). Small rooms and rooms with lots of furniture or carpet are best, as they dampen sound. Large or empty rooms, hallways, tile/concrete or wood floors, and tall ceilings cause echo. For this reason, offices and bedrooms tend to produce better sound than hallways, kitchens, open dining/living rooms, or garages.

Make sure you have the latest version of Skype

Your interview will be an audio-only Skype call (no video). If you don't already have Skype, you can sign up for a free Skype account here. When you booked your interview through our scheduling app, you filled in your Skype name. If you’ve changed your Skype name since then, email Cathy to let her know. Check for any available Skype app updates and download and install them if needed (you’ll need to restart Skype afterwards).

Check your internet connection

Make sure your connection is solid. The way to ensure the best sound is to connect via a computer. If your wireless connection is spotty, a wired connection is preferable. If you must connect via phone, use a landline.

Wear headphones

Headphones prevent echo and dramatically improve the recording’s sound quality. There’s no need for anything fancy—whatever brand you have is fine.

Speak close to the microphone

If you are using your computer’s built-in mic (which is all you need), find out where the mic is actually located and position your mouth close to it when you are speaking.

If you are using an external mic, hold it about an inch away from your mouth.

You might feel silly speaking so close, but remember that nobody can see you.

Send us your photo and bio

When we booked your interview, we asked you for your bio and headshot photo for the episode’s show notes. If you haven't already sent those, please do so. The photo should be high-resolution and landscape/horizontal orientation. The bio should be 3–5 sentences and explain who you are, what you do, and where folks can find you online. Check out the show notes for past episodes for examples.

During the interview, Cathy will let you know when your episode will be released.

When it is released, you’ll receive an email with a link to the show notes and transcript, as well as promotional images and audiograms you can share with your communities. The episode will be available on Apple Podcasts, RadioPublic, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and all the other podcast players. So tell your friends!

For more tips, check out our article on How to Be a Great Podcast Guest.

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