Kate Drabinski

Kate is a senior lecturer in Gender and Women’s Studies at University of Maryland Baltimore County where she also directs Women Involved in Learning and Leadership, a student activist group on campus.

Kate is also a freelance writer with a regular column, Field Tripping, in Baltimore’s City Paper. She works with several local artists on the Queerstories project and its Lesbian Popcorn Cart which serves up popcorn with a side of local LGBTQ history at events and outsider art shows in the region. She is a member of Baltimore’s LGBTQ History Committee and works with local activists to lead history walking and bicycling tours in the city.

Kate is also completing a co-edited collection on Baltimore history that examines the role of history in urban redevelopment practices.

In her spare time, Kate rides her bike around and writes about what she sees at her long-running blog, What I Saw Riding My Bike Around Today.

Kate earned her PhD in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley with a graduate certificate in Gender, Women, and Sexuality.


  • Teaching + Pedagogy 100%

  • Altac/Postac Careers 100%

  • Writing Routines (especially first drafts) 100%

  • Self Care + Work/Life Balance 100%

Kate Drabinski

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