Setting Summer Writing Goals that Work for You

Setting Summer Writing Goals that Work for You

May 15, 2018

Setting Summer Writing Goals - Agricultural field with tall plants in the foreground and a setting sun in the background

Summer is here and for a lot of us that means a calendar with less teaching, fewer meetings, and plenty of time to write. That’s great but an empty calendar can also be intimidating. What are reasonable summer writing goals and how do we set them? How do we motivate ourselves to meet our goals without the strict due dates of the semester? What are ways to balance the need for rest and vacation with the knowledge that summers often give us the most time in which to be productive?

Setting Summer Writing Goals

In this webinar, Dr. Kate Drabinski explains how to set reasonable goals, carve out time for self-care, and plan a productive and balanced summer that feels as good as it looks on the calendar.

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