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You have an awesome idea. Now let us help you make your argument shine with strong claims, clear organization, and a compelling narrative arc.

We offer developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading over the course of your project.

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An index is your book’s road map, ensuring it gets read, debated, and cited.

We can craft an index for you that orients your reader to your book’s stellar arguments, connects your scholarship to that of other authors, and helps your reader navigate your book so that they can cite and build on it in their own work.

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Grad School Rockstar Program

Learn about our signature group coaching program, the Grad School Rockstar Program.

The program applies social justice lessons to academia, helping you develop sustainable habits that can grow with you as you move through grad school and into your career, and find the accountability and support you need to create powerful work that resonates with your communities.

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Dissertation Rockstar Bootcamp

Ready to rock your dissertation?

The bootcamp offers dissertation lessons, activities, and personalized coaching to ensure you make steady progress on your project. Come get ongoing writing support, accountability, and community with fellow progressive, interdisciplinary rockstars writing kick-ass dissertations.

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We offer workshops for academic departments, community organizations, and scholarly associations on topics such as “How to Survive Your First Semester of Grad School,” “Rock Your Qualifying Exams,” “How to Finish Your Dissertation,” “Writing Routines That Actually Work,” “Book Building Bootcamp,” and “Rock Your Sabbatical.”

Inderpal Grewal

Working with Ideas on Fire was terrific. They were very incisive and clear, and could identify strengths and weaknesses in my manuscript. The book got much better because of their editing and very helpful comments. I was able to trust their judgement and comments and know that they understood the project and was making it better. IOF was also prompt in their responses, and also flexible around my work schedule. That was also important in our working together. All in all, a very positive experience.

—Inderpal Grewal, author of Saving the Security State: Exceptional Citizens in Twenty-First Century America and Transnational America

Mary Ebeling

Before working with Ideas on Fire, I felt very adrift about my abilities to pull off my book project. I needed a second pair of neutral eyes to look at my writing. I needed someone who could stand outside of it but also who could guide me with empathy—someone who was on the “same page” with the concept. The valuable suggestions on books and articles that Ideas on Fire gave me informed my arguments and gave me more nuanced and critical ways of thinking about my writing. IOF is very professional, bringing fresh and critical ideas to the project, but also knows a lot about the publishing industry as well, so they are able to hold the shaky hands of someone like me through the whole process.

—Mary Ebeling, author of Healthcare and Big Data: Digital Specters and Phantom Objects

Marita Sturken

Our [co-authors Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright] project was a bit out of control when we started and were worried about it being too long, too repetitive, and too wordy. Now, our book is trimmer, more concise and clearer.

—Marita Sturken, co-author of Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture

Michelle Yates

I felt like my article was pretty good but needed some detailed editing and I know I’m not very good at that. I really like Ideas on Fire’s proofreading services, as well as being able to get help with my writing developmentally in the early stages. I’d recommend Ideas on Fire to other colleagues looking to get help with their writing.

—Michelle Yates, Assistant Professor of Humanities, History of Social Sciences at Columbia College Chicago

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