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Professionalization workshops that equip today's scholars to shape better tomorrows

Give your faculty the resources they need to write and publish powerful scholarship

Prepare your grad students for diverse careers within and beyond academia

Help your campus have an impact on broader communities through public engagement

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Crafting an Academic Book Proposal

Learn the elements of a compelling book proposal for scholarly presses. Focusing on interdisciplinary academic monographs and edited collections, we cover identifying the right press, connecting with acquisitions editors, submission timelines, cover letters, and writing the proposal itself.

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Publishing Your First Book

We address finding a new frame for the project, using your (new) audiences to guide the revision process, identifying what needs to be cut or added, and finding and wooing the right publisher with a successful book proposal.

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Harness Your Interdisciplinary Superpower

Writing and publishing interdisciplinary scholarship comes with a unique set of challenges. But your interdisciplinary training can actually be your superpower. Learn how to craft a writing routine that fits your real life, use your interdisciplinarity to write and teach a variety of subjects, and plan classroom activities to improve both your and your students’ writing.

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Book Marketing for Academics

We show you how to build your author platform and get the word out about your awesome new book. From social media plans and author websites to book tours and conference exhibits, we help explain how to find your core audience.

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Dissertation Writing Plans

Developing a writing routine is crucial to actually finishing your dissertation. We help students craft a holistic dissertation writing plan, timeline, and personalized writing routine that allows them to write regularly, meet their goals, work well with advisors, and avoid burning out.

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From Research to Writing

Getting started is the hardest part of any dissertation. We teach graduate students how to organize their research into dissertation chapters—both large-scale (across the dissertation as a whole) and small-scale (within each chapter itself).

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Bespoke workshop

Want a workshop not listed here? We can create a custom workshop for your department or organization.

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