2019 Year in Review: A Year of Expansion

2019 Year in Review: A Year of Expansion

December 9, 2019
Ideas on Fire's 2019 Year in Review - Sparkler against dark background with title of post

December is a time for reflection, when we look back at what has happened throughout the year and make plans for what we want to bring into being in the new one. It also brings our annual “year in review” post highlighting some of the most exciting things to come out of Ideas on Fire in the last 12 months.

2019 has been a fantastically exciting year for us at Ideas on Fire.

New team members!

We welcomed 6 new folks to the Ideas on Fire team this year! Copyeditors Laura Poole and Rachel Fudge, developmental editor Shazia Iftkhar, indexer and developmental editor Morgan Genevieve Blue, indexer Melanie Adley, and writer Tala Khanmalek have been hard at work helping our clients meet their writing and publishing goals.

We produced 23 episodes of the Imagine Otherwise podcast featuring

We celebrated 100 episodes of Imagine Otherwise!

Check out host Cathy Hannabach introducing some of the best moments from the past 3 years of the show:

We delivered 13 professionalization workshops

We sponsored Dismantle magazine’s public scholarship workshop

The January 2020 session is open for enrollment now!

Your Public Voice - Multicolored books on shelves. Text reads: Dismantle Magazine presents an online workshop co-sponsored by Ideas on Fire on Your Public Voice. July 8–31, 2019"

We published 14 articles helping interdisciplinary scholars rock their careers and lives

We worked with 55 clients on topics including

  • How rural broadband policy is reshaping US farms and farming communities
  • Queer Black theater techniques in the Black Arts Movement
  • Los Angeles suburbs and their role in globalization
  • Readership and sexuality in the history of the Black press
  • The queer video games avant-garde
  • Indigenous/Black solidarities across literature and culture
  • The use of affect in South Korean union organizing
  • Queering the legacies of Black liberalism
  • Trans of color performance and visual art
  • Design justice movements
  • US media representations of Africa
  • Transgender and disability bathroom activism
  • Solidarity politics in postconflict Colombia
  • Transnational queer Korean politics
  • African American comics and the politics of citizenship
  • Black women in STEM fields
  • Feminist labor histories of the Polaroid Corporation
  • Social justice gaming
  • Race and Deleuzian film theory
  • Queer Cuban and Mexican visual culture
  • Intralatinx identities in Chicago
  • Legacies of colonial copyright law in Jamaica
  • The history of identity politics in the US
  • The role of architecture in Russian film history
  • Human rights video activism
  • And so many more!

And 23 Ideas on Fire clients published books this year! (We loved working on these!)

Thank you SO much to all of you who supported us, hired us, appeared on or listened to our podcast, wrote for or read our blog, or created your own world-changing social justice work.

We are looking forward to an awesome 2020, thanks to you.

You rock!

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