How to Start an Academic Podcast: Enrollment is Open!

How to Start an Academic Podcast: Enrollment is Open!

May 11, 2020
How to Start an Academic Podcast - Podcasting microphone and pop filter in front of computer

We’re super excited to let you know that our newest online course, How to Start an Academic Podcast, is now open for enrollment!

Academic podcasting has exploded over the last decade, allowing scholars to broaden their research’s accessibility, enliven public conversations, and reshape what higher education means today. Although a podcast is a great way to do these things in any context, our current social distancing situation makes it an ideal form through which take your work public and reach a wide audience without leaving home.

How to Start an Academic Podcast is a self-paced, online course that helps you go from a great idea to a published show.

Whether you’re a professor building your public intellectual profile, a graduate student developing skills for diverse career paths, a librarian or research center director forging connections across institutions, or a department chair broadening your faculty’s impact, this course can help. 

Join us to learn the technical, marketing, narrative, and community skills you need to get your academic podcast off the ground.


Planning Your Show

  • Lesson: What Makes a Great Pitch
  • Lesson: Identifying Your Audience

Getting Started

  • Lesson: Choosing a Format and Schedule
  • Lesson: Money, Money, Money


  • Lesson: Finding Cohosts and Collaborators
  • Lesson: Podcasting Communities

Tools of the Trade

  • Lesson: Equipment
  • Lesson: Hosting and Distribution Channels


  • Lesson: Researching and Booking Guests
  • Lesson: Onboarding Guests


  • Lesson: How to Get Great Tape
  • Lesson: Interviewing Skills


  • Lesson: Transcripts
  • Lesson: Metadata


  • Lesson: Show Notes
  • Lesson: Social Media

Course format

How to Start an Academic Podcast - Screenshot from course showing What Makes a Great Pitch lesson

When you enroll, you get immediate access to all course materials on our course platform Thinkific.

Each lesson has a video, written transcript, and slide deck that explain key podcasting elements and take you through how to implement the material to create your own show.

You can work through the lessons at your own pace, in whichever order you prefer, and even skip around if you like.

Lessons are always available so there’s no need to deal with instructor schedules or changing enrollment periods.

Meet your instructor

Cathy Hannabach wearing a grey shirt and purple glasses, working on a computer
Imagine Otherwise logo - red and orange burst, text reads: imagine Otherwise by Cathy Hannabach and Ideas on Fire

Hi I’m Dr. Cathy Hannabach, the creator and host of Imagine Otherwise, the show featuring the artists, activists, and academics who are building more just worlds.

Over the 4 years I’ve produced my show, I’ve fielded hundreds of questions from show fans and colleagues about what makes an academic podcast like Imagine Otherwise so successful.

A lot of you have also asked me why these kinds of podcasts are playing such a powerful role in remaking the academy today. And many of you have asked how you can get started making your own.

This course is my answer to these questions and more.

Although there are some great podcasting resources out there, almost none of them address the unique goals, careers, and resources of academics.

Furthermore, most of them are geared toward businesses seeking marketing opportunities or journalists wanting to make the jump to audio content. These are both fine reasons to make a podcast, but they’re not usually the ones guiding interdisciplinary scholars.

I designed this course specifically for scholars within and beyond the academy who want to create a kick-ass show. Come join me!

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