How to Say No and Yes to Academic Service Requests

How to Say No and Yes to Academic Service Requests

October 21, 2019

How to Say No and Yes to Academic Service Requests - Wooden blocks forming arrows and a diverging path, implying decision-making

Academic service requirements are often unspoken and it’s hard to know when and how to say no. This is especially true if you are new, contingent, or just starting the tenure track. Some people advise just saying no, no matter what. But how and when do you say yes? What if the task is something you know is important or that you want to do, but you are also balancing other priorities? How do you articulate your priorities to yourself and your colleagues in ways that allow you to say both no and yes while preserving your time for research and teaching?

In this Ideas on Fire video, Dr. Kate Drabinski discusses how to articulate service priorities to yourself, communicate them to colleagues, and say no and yes to requests while staying aligned with your values—and your career.

How to Say No and Yes to Academic Service Requests

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