Apps to Boost Your Time Management and Productivity

Apps to Boost Your Time Management and Productivity

September 15, 2016

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This week, Ideas on Fire team members Michelle Velasquez-Potts, Kate Drabinski, and Cathy Hannabach team up to share our favorite apps and tools for writing, time management, scheduling, and email.

As an interdisciplinary academic, you have a ton of stuff to do. Finding apps that help you do that stuff can often be the difference between feeling overwhelmed and feeling on top of things. Here are some of the Ideas on Fire team’s favorites.

Kate’s recommendation

I love the Freedom app. I have no self-control, so I appreciate that I need to control myself just long enough to click a button and then all social media and news sites are blocked for a chunk of time. It really helps me get my work done.

Michelle’s recommendations

Writing groups on Facebook are an amazing resource for those of us who feel like writing can be isolating and overwhelming. Checking in with my group every day has been great for practicing accountability.

I also really love Slack. Being able to communicate with others on platforms outside of email and Facebook is a welcomed change and I’ve found it to be a useful space for sharing my intentions and goals when it comes to writing.

Cathy’s recommendations

I love Evernote because it lets me clip and organize articles from the web and t on all my devices (I also use it to write books and articles).

Streak helps me track publishing pipelines and schedule emails to go out later.

I use Harvest to track time spent on specific projects.

You Can Book Me lets me schedule office hours and meetings.

And finally, at Ideas on Fire we use CoSchedule to schedule social media posts across platforms.

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