American Society for Theatre Research conference

November 9–12, 2023 | Providence, RI

Welcome to our conference hub for the 2023 American Society for Theatre Research conference! We are excited to be celebrating with you all virtually this year.

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Below, you can check out our #ASTR2023 Imagine Otherwise podcast playlist as well as the latest performance and theater studies studies books we have edited and/or indexed.

Even if you can’t attend in person, you can follow along with the conversations at the conference hashtag #ASTR2023.

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    Podcast episodes

    Imagine Otherwise logo with purple lightbulbs on orange background, text reads #ASTR2023 playlist, with audio player icons
    Nicosia Shakes wearing a red shirt against a white wall, text reads: Nicosia Shakes on Black Women's Activist Theater
    Dorinne Kondo wearing a black shirt, text reads: Dorinne kondo on reparative creativity
    Mecca Jamilah Sullivan in front of a yellow wall, text reads Mecca Jamilah Sullivan on Queer Black Feminist Art
    Sandra Ruiz in front of a brick wall, text reads Sandra Ruiz on Resetting the Colonial Clock
    Alix Olson wearing a black hoodie, text reads: Alix Olson on going from performer to professor
    Mark Villegas wearing a purple sweater, text reads: Mark Villegas on Hip Hop Performance Cultures
    E. Patrick Johnson wearing a black shirt, text reads: E. Patrick Johnson on Oral History Performance


    Cover of Fraught Balance, with groups of men dancing
    Cover of Women’s Activist Theatre in Jamaica and South Africa, with a Black femme actor sitting on stage
    Cover of Ernie McClintock and the Jazz Actors Family: Reviving the Legacy, with Ernie McClintock in stage makeup in front of a mirror
    Cover of Poetic Operations: Trans of Color Art in Digital Media, with a group performance overlaid with symbols
    Cover of Shanté Paradigm Smalls's book Hip Hop Heresies - Abstract painting of a person's head wearing a hat
    Cover of Choreographing Mexico: Festive Performances and Dancing Histories of a Nation, with two people dancing
    Cover of Manifest Technique: Hip Hop, Empire, and Visionary Filipino American Culture, with multicolored comic-art illustration of machine
    Cover of Funding Bodies: Five Decades of Dance Making at the National Endowment for the Arts, with swirling lights around a dancing body
    Cover of Theaters of Citizenship: Aesthetics and Politics of Avant-Garde Performance in Egypt, with two actors on stage
    Cover of Teaching Critical Performance Theory in Today's Theatre Classroom, Studio, and Communities, with lightbulbs arrange in a circle on black background
    Cover of Flexible Bodies: British South Asian Dancers in an Age of Neoliberalism, with dancer stretching their arm over their lead while in a lunge
    Cover of Performance and the Disney Theme Park Experience: The Tourist as Actor, with abstract multicolored lines
    Cover of Encounters on Contested Lands: Indigenous Performances of Sovereignty and Nationhood in Québec, with an artwork showing white weaving on a red background surrounded by tan tape
    Cover of Swim Pretty: Aquatic Spectacles and the Performance of Race, Gender, and Nature, with an underwater dancer sitting on a swing surrounded by fish
    Cover of Traveler, There Is No Road: Theatre, the Spanish Civil War, and the Decolonial Imagination in the Americas, with a stylized flamenco dancer holding a theater mask
    Cover of Making Ballet American, with a dancer in a theatrical cowboy costume resting his chin on his hand with one foot propped up on a box
    Cover of Unfinished Business, with a photo of Michael Jackson with Nancy and Ronald Reagan and a photo of Tyree Guyton's artwork The Heidelberg Project
    Cover of The Art of Confession: The Performance of Self from Robert Lowell to Reality TV, with one person close to the camera staring to the left and 3 people standing behind them
    Cover of Wendy Wasserstein, with Wasserstein crossing her arms and smiling at the camera
    Cover of Performing Race and Erasure, with abstract silhouette of soldier's face and feathered hat
    Cover of A Critical Companion to Lynn Nottage, with Nottage staring directly at the camera with hands clasped
    Cover of Stacy Wolf's Changed for Good, with a scene from the musical Wicked
    Cover of Gesture and Power, with people in white outfits dancing with each other
    Cover of Marking Modern Movement: Dance and Gender in the Visual Imagery of the Weimar Republic, with painting of repeated human figures in a line

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