How to Clean and Organize Your Computer Desktop - Multicolored blocks with computer app icons, resting on a laptop keyboard
October 15, 2019

How to Clean and Organize Your Computer Desktop

Tips on how to organize your computer desktop, including building a file system that works for you, and utilizing your task bar and trash folder.

Practical Strategies for Taking Notes - Person takes notes by hand, with an open book, coffee cup, and laptop on the table
August 20, 2019

Practical Strategies for Taking Notes

Practical techniques for taking notes that ensure you can find, understand, expand, and use them later in your various projects.

Daily Self-Care Practices for Your Wellness Routine - Red teapot and white mug sitting on a wood table
January 22, 2019

Daily Self-Care Practices for Your Wellness Routine

Easy daily self-care practices to treat yourself with kindness, move a little slower, and find comfort amidst your personal and professional lives.

Academic Conference Presentation Tips - Person wearing blue blazer and colorful headscarf standing and clapping
April 24, 2018

Academic Conference Presentation Tips

Keep these academic conference presentation tips in mind to share your work with the clarity and confidence you need to connect to your audience.

Finish Your Dissertation - Yellow "end" sign
March 13, 2018

Finally Finish Your Dissertation: The Last Push

The last push is often the hardest. Here's how to finish your dissertation strong when you're down to the wire and just need the thing done.

Easy Lunches You Can Take to Campus - Close up of tomato, lettuce leaf, and peppercorns
January 30, 2018

Quick and Easy Lunches You Can Take To Campus

Here are our suggestions for some simple, affordable, and tasty lunches you can take with you to campus—no culinary skills required!

Leading a Discussion Section as a Teaching Assistant - Conference room with two conference tables and chairs
January 23, 2018

Leading a Great Discussion Section as a Teaching Assistant

How to lead a great discussion section as a teaching assistant that ensures your students better grasp the material and feel comfortable asking questions.

Small Changes to Refresh Your Routine - Desk with open book, pitcher, cups, and plant
December 5, 2017

Small Changes to Refresh Your Routine

These small changes to refresh your routine can help you feel more relaxed and ready to tackle your writing, research, teaching, and service tasks.

Organization Tips to Get You Through the End of the Semester - Person sits on the floor holding a giant stack of papers
November 28, 2017

Organization Tips to Get You Through the End of the Semester

Our surprisingly simple and surprisingly effective organization tips to stay on top of your workload as the semester winds down.

Rethinking Your Relationship to Reading - Person sits next to a lake reading a book
November 14, 2017

Rethinking Your Relationship To Reading

How to evaluate your reading practices, discover how you prefer to read, how to retain what you read, and how reading can enhance your life and work.

Passion Projects - Multicolored abstract painting with heart shape
October 31, 2017

Using Passion Projects for Inspiration, Self-Care, and Fun

In the face of busyness and stress, passion projects are a chance to reclaim your physical, emotional, and mental energy.

Maintaining Friendships When Things Get Busy - Hourglass with pink sand sifting through
October 10, 2017

Maintaining Friendships When Things Inevitably Get Busy

Academia requires a lot of your time and attention. Here’s help on building and maintaining friendships that make it all worth it.

Creating a Self-Care Plan for the Semester - Colorful hammock hanging on trees outside
September 12, 2017

Making a Self-Care Plan for the Semester

Mapping self-care into your plan before, during, and after the semester can help you find balance, prioritize rest, and cultivate your energy.

Julia Jordan-Zachery wearing a grey patterned blazer and white button-down shirt
September 5, 2017

Grad School Mentorship: Julia Jordan-Zachery, PhD

Julia Jordan-Zachery shares how she helps mentees identify what they really need, find their truths, and stay true to who they are.

Clasroom ice breakers - Rows of pink classroom chairs
August 29, 2017

Classroom Icebreakers to Kick Off a Great Semester

What to do on the first day of class to ensure a great semester? Here are some classroom icebreakers that get students engaged and comfortable.

Kate Drabinski wearing a green shirt and glasses
August 22, 2017

Grad School Mentorship: Kate Drabinski, PhD

In our Rockstar coach series, we introduce you to the guides in our Grad School Rockstars community. This week, Dr. Kate Drabinski discusses carving a unique path from within the one you're on, biking as an act of bonding, and resisting the urge to hide behind being busy.

Terry K. Park wearing a light blue blazer and lavender button-down shirt. Photo by Elena Dahl
August 15, 2017

Grad School Mentorship: Terry Park, PhD

Terry K. Park talks about on building community through careful listening, and how good mentorship is driven by patience and compassion—on both sides.

Cathy Hannabach wearing a black shirt and teal glasses
August 8, 2017

Grad School Mentorship: Cathy Hannabach, PhD

Cathy Hannabach on how she approaches grad school mentorship and helps mentees figure out what they really want out of a career.

Ideas on Fire's Favorite Films to Teach - Movie theater with Bollywood film showing on the screen
August 1, 2017

Ideas on Fire’s Favorite Films to Teach

Ideas on Fire's favorite films to teach in the interdisciplinary classroom in fields like gender studies, ethnic studies, and queer studies.

Writing a Kick-Ass Conference Abstract - Multicolored letterpress blocks
July 18, 2017

Writing a Kick-Ass Conference Abstract or Proposal

A guide for interdisciplinary scholars on how to best distill your research, theories, and ideas into a conference abstract or proposal.

Networking & Informational Interviews - Two people sit at an office table talking
July 11, 2017

Networking and Informational Interviews

What to keep in mind when using informational interviews to craft an awesome interdisciplinary career within or beyond academia.

Ideas on Fire's Favorite Literature - Open notebook with pages folded into a heart
July 4, 2017

Ideas on Fire’s All-Time Favorite Novels and Other Literature

The Ideas on Fire team LOVES to read. Here are some of our all-time favorite novels and other literature that make us see the world differently.

Crafting Your Post-Academic Career Narrative - White dandelion with blue center against red background
June 27, 2017

Crafting Your Post-Academic Career Narrative

How to create a compelling post-academic career narrative that honors your experience but opens you up to new directions as well.

Self-Care Practices Beyond Relaxation - Person wearing jeans and sneakers jumps in the air, against blue wall
June 20, 2017

Self-Care Practices Beyond Relaxation

From time management and budgeting to navigating the free resources available to you, self-care practices go beyond just relaxation.

Ideas on Fire's Summer Scholar Spotlight - Multicolored stage lights
June 13, 2017

Ideas on Fire’s Summer Scholar Spotlight

Here are some of the scholars, academics, public figures, and cool interdisciplinary, progressive people who should be on your radar.

Teaching During the Summer - Multicolored classroom rows of chairs
June 6, 2017

Teaching During the Summer: Challenges and Opportunities

Things to keep in mind as you approach your summer teaching and our best strategies for a creating a positive, productive educational experience.

Art-Based Research and Community with Aymar Jean Christian - Person dips a paintbrush in paint in front of a canvas
June 5, 2017

Arts-Based and Community-Based Research with Aymar Jean Christian

Art-based research provides robust data and publishing opportunities, meaningful resources to communities, and experimentation in artistry.

Ideas on Fire's Favorite Ways to Stay Motivated Over the Summer - Sunglasses sitting on a small sand dune on a beach
May 30, 2017

Ideas on Fire’s Tips for Keeping Motivated Over the Summer

Our favorite ways to stay motivated over the summer, including how scholars can get their projects done while also taking a much-needed rest.

10 Self-Care Practices for the End of the Semester - Fox lays curled up on top of a tree stump
May 9, 2017

10 Self-Care Tips for the End of the Semester

Easy and accessible self-care suggestions to help you feel physically and emotionally nourished at the end of the semester.

Manage Grading without Getting Overwhelmed - Giant jumbled pile of papers, notebooks, and books
May 2, 2017

Manage Grading Without Getting Overwhelmed

Grading is one of the most challenging, thankless, and important parts of teaching. If the prospect of wading through a pile of papers exams feels more than a little daunting, we’ve got some helpful suggestions for staying on top of grading without getting overwhelmed.

Ideas on Fire Favorites Most Inspiring Classes - Person writes on a chalkboard in a classroom
April 25, 2017

Ideas on Fire Favorites: Most Inspiring Classes

The most inspiring classes the Ideas on Fire team has taken: the courses that opened our eyes to something we'd never seen before.

Setting Healthy Boundaries in Academia - White boxes with blue and teal tile bottoms
April 18, 2017

Setting Healthy Boundaries in Academia

Why boundaries in academia are so important for work life balance and how to set and protect them amidst the hustle bustle of academic life.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation - Stack of handwritten letters
April 11, 2017

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Student

How to write a letter of recommendation for a student, including where to begin, what to include, and how to follow up.

Prepping for a Post-ac or Alt-ac Career - Person stands on an asphalt road before a white series of 3 arrows pointing in different directions
April 4, 2017

Building Your Post-ac, Non-ac, or Alt-ac Career

How doctoral students can use their degree to prepare themselves for post-ac, non-ac, or alt-ac careers in a variety of industries.

Ideas on Fire's Favorite Blogs We Read for Fun - iPhone on top of paper next to a paintbrush
March 21, 2017

Ideas on Fire’s Favorite Blogs We Read for Fun

Our favorite blogs we read for fun on queer of color fashion, art, biking, mindfulness, comics, and popular culture.

How to Find a Good Mentor - A professor and student sit in an office, talking. Photo by WOC in Tech Chat.
February 28, 2017

Academic Mentoring: How to Find a Good Mentor

Academic mentorship can be vital to thriving in graduate school and faculty life. Here's how to find a good mentor to guide you in your career path.

IoF Favorite Books on Writing - Open book with glasses
February 21, 2017

Ideas on Fire’s Favorite Books on Writing

Our favorite books on writing: the writing guides that help us think critically, move us, and embolden us to imagine otherwise.

A Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness in Academia - A spherical stone balanced on top of another
February 14, 2017

A Beginners Guide to Mindfulness in Academia

How can we practice mindfulness amidst the hustle and bustle of academic life? Start with focusing your attention on where you are right now and how you’re feeling.

February 7, 2017

Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces: Reflections and Strategies

Lately, there's been much ado about trigger warnings. Some have argued that they are a crucial to establish a safe, accessible classrooms for diverse students; others have framed them as a threat to educational integrity. But what exactly are trigger warnings and how can they foster safe(r) spaces of learning?

Fostering Dynamic Classroom Discussions - Group of students sit around a conference table, one raises their hand to ask a question. Photo by WOC in Tech Chat.
January 24, 2017

Fostering Dynamic Classroom Discussions

Practical tips for dynamic classroom discussions, including how to encourage communication and create a supportive classroom environment for learning.

Writing Routines and Rituals - Person sits at a table typing on a laptop
January 10, 2017

Writing Routines and Rituals to Get Those Projects Done

How to fold writing into your daily life through writing routines and rituals that fit where, when, and how you think and write best.

Ideas on Fire's Favorite Podcats 2017 - iPhone with earbuds against a yellow background
January 3, 2017

Ideas on Fire’s Favorite Podcasts 2017

A great podcast episode can teach you something and inspire you endlessly. Here are our favorite podcasts for 2017.

De-stressing Rituals - Pink lotus flower and lily pad in pond
December 20, 2016

Ideas on Fire’s Favorite De-Stressing Rituals

Our favorite de-stressing, self-care rituals to take a breath, wind down, and come back to what brings you joy at the end of a busy semester.

How to Turn Your CV into a Resume - Sign that says "Come in, we're hiring"
December 6, 2016

How to Turn Your CV into a Resume for Non-Academic Jobs

How to convert a CV into a resume highlighting the valuable skills you’ve developed in academia and your fit for diverse jobs.

Self-Care for the End of the Semester - Drop of water in a pond
December 4, 2016

Self-Care at the End of the Semester

Self care strategies to build intellectual and spiritual community, shape a creative practice, and navigate the emotional ups and downs of academic life.

Ideas on Fire's Recent Reads - Open book with pages folded into a heart
November 29, 2016

Ideas on Fire’s Recent Great Reads

What we've been reading at Ideas on Fire lately: novels, non-fiction, comics, poetry, and short stories we love.

Brainstorming, Where to Begin When Lacking Inspiration - Person's hands writing in a notebook, a croissant sits on the table nearby
November 1, 2016

Brainstorming: Where to Begin When Lacking Inspiration

Interdisciplinary research requires a tremendous amount of creativity, mess and play, especially in its early stages. Here's how to start brainstorming.

Finding a Work Space Where You Can Thrive - Person sits on the floor of an office on a computer, surrounded by books. Photo by WOC in Tech Chat.
September 26, 2016

Finding a Work Space Where You Can Thrive

How to find and use a great work space that gives you energy, inspiration, and the conditions you need to do your best work.