Beating the Mid-Semester Slump - Bull dog lays dejectedly on a porchSemesters often start with big goals and plans to reach them. We promise ourselves we’ll stay on top of our writing routines, our grading, our reading—all of it.

And then the semester gets in the way, and we can find ourselves falling behind and losing steam. By the time we reach the middle of the semester things often feel like a slog, and those big goals and plans seem far out of reach.

How do we keep the mid-semester slump from derailing us? Is there a way to get back that shiny new-semester feel, or at least back enough inspiration to keep going?

In this webinar, Dr. Kate Drabinski elucidates how to beat the mid-semester slump, including strategies for resetting goals, getting back to routines (or refreshing them), and enlivening the semester before it gets away from you for good.

Beating the Mid-Semester Slump

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