Thrive Like Studs: Cultural Studies + Postac/Altac Careers

Thrive Like Studs workshop on Cultural Studies and Postac Altac Careers

Thrive Like Studs: Cultural Studies + Postac/Altac Careers

June 1, 2015 Blog

When: Monday June 22, 2015. 1-2:30 pm EST/10-11:30 am PST

Where: Google+ Hangout (online)

Cost: Free!

Hosts: Cathy Hannabach and Terry Park

Event Description:

Some of us work in the public sector. Some of us work in student affairs. Some of us run our own businesses. Some of us are nontenure-track faculty. While we’re differently positioned in relation to the neoliberal university, all of us post-ac/alt-ac* folks have put our UC Davis Cultural Studies doctorates to work in versatile and fulfilling ways.

We invite you current and graduated UC Davis Cultural Studies folks to join us for an online summit to learn about alt-ac/post-ac careers and lives for Cult Studs. This is a chance to hear what post-ac/alt-ac CST alums are doing, explore new ways to use your CST training, and learn about the vibrant life that exists beyond the tenure-track.

Speakers (all UCD Cult Studs with postac/altac careers):

The summit aims to empower UCD Cult Studs to pursue our projects and lives on our own terms, and feel less alone in doing so.

* Post-ac refers to “post-academics,” those who have built lives and careers beyond the academy (in publishing, nonprofits, finance, activist organizations, social work, interior design, K-12 education, or any other industry)

* Alt-ac refers to “alternative academics,” those who have built lives and careers in academia beyond the tenure-track (includes adjuncts and other contingent faculty, women’s/humanities/writing/cultural center directors, librarians, administrators, technology/digital humanities project managers, etc.)

How to Participate:

  • Register for the summit here: [registration is now closed] Registration and attendance are free, but you must register to attend.
  • On Monday June 22, you’ll receive an email with a link to our private Google+ Hangout. Join us there. You can ask questions and comment by using the Chat function.
  • If you can’t attend the summit or need to access the information in different format, register anyway. We’ll send you the written and audio transcripts afterwards.

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Cathy Hannabach: Cathy is the president of Ideas on Fire, and loves helping progressive, interdisciplinary academics rock their careers and build the worlds they want to see.