Rock Your First Semester of Grad School

Rock Your First Semester of Grad School

August 21, 2017 Blog

The first semester of grad school can be challenging, whether you’re coming straight from undergrad or you took some time in between. The systems, habits, and networks you need to get the most out of the experience aren’t always taught, sometimes leaving you wondering if you’re ever doing it right. Join us for a FREE webinar taught by Dr. Cathy Hannabach, specifically designed to help progressive, interdisciplinary academics kick off a great first semester.

You’ll learn how to set up systems for time and energy management, manage the tons of writing you’ll do as a grad student, build a strong support community of friends and mentors, learn about and prepare for diverse careers within and beyond the academy, prioritize your health and happiness, and set yourself up to rock your time in grad school.

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You can also check out our upcoming events as well as recordings of our past webinars on topics like Public Speaking for Non-Performers, Work/Life Balance in the Context of Power, Mapping Your Semester, Crafting an Altac/Postac Career While in Grad School, and more!

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Cathy Hannabach: Cathy is the president of Ideas on Fire, and loves helping progressive, interdisciplinary academics rock their careers and build the worlds they want to see.