You Can Do More Than Survive Grad School—You Can Rock It

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You Can Do More Than Survive Grad School—You Can Rock It

August 28, 2017 Blog


You’re working your way through graduate school.

Maybe you just started, maybe you’re studying for qualifying exams, or maybe you’re deep into the throes of dissertation writing.

You love your work but are struggling to keep up with the never-ending deluge of responsibilities while also building community and practicing self-care.

You can do more than survive grad school.

You can ROCK it.

At Ideas on Fire, we believe in a holistic approach to graduate school education and careers—community building, creativity, self-care, and overall wellness should be prioritized just as highly as producing great scholarship and teaching. And that’s exactly what we do in the Grad School Rockstars mentorship community.

GSRS laptop screenshotGrad School Rockstars is an online community of progressive, interdisciplinary scholars supporting each other online and off, within academia and beyond. From the coaches to the community members, we help each other produce amazing work, enliven public conversations, and build the careers and worlds we all can be proud of.

Fall 2017 membership is now open. Come join us!

In Grad School Rockstars, you can

  • Map out all the projects you’re tackling in grad school and design a concrete plan for getting them all done
  • Develop sustainable systems that can grow with you as you move through grad school and into your career
  • Find the accountability and support you need to create powerful work that resonates with your communities

What Grad School Rockstars members are saying:

Before I joined, I struggled with confidence, and making time for self-care. Grad School Rockstars has really changed the attitude with which I approach grad school and my work. I’ve found a way to integrate my academic and activist work through the community’s emphasis on collaboration and social justice and through our discussions about the importance of locating committee members that genuinely support the work you want and love to do. —Rosie C.


I love the community. One of my favorite things about it is that it is very accessible and takes a very holistic approach to academic coaching. I also really love that it is diverse, interdisciplinary, and social justice-oriented. I have learned a lot about different aspects of myself and one of the things I most value is the importance of having an accountability structure, which I’ve implemented ever since. —Tala K.

We built this mentorship community specifically for progressive, interdisciplinary scholars in fields like gender and sexuality studies, ethnic studies and critical race studies, disability studies, film/media studies, and communication. The four coaches—Cathy Hannabach, Julia Jordan-Zachery, Kate Drabinski, and Terry K. Park—work with members every week to make progress on their goals and build the diverse careers they want.

Grad School Rockstars member benefits:

  • Access to a growing digital network of progressive, interdisciplinary grad students and coaches in gender + sexuality studies, ethnic studies, cultural studies, disability studies, performance studies + dance, and media studies
  • Weekly office hours with the 4 rockstar coaches, who provide personalized feedback, support, and guidance on your projects and progress toward your goals
  • Twice-monthly live webinars as well as access to our webinar video library on topics like dissertation writing routines, working with advisors, building diverse careers, work/life balance, self-care, and organizing dissertation chapters
  • Trainings, templates, and activity worksheets to help you set goals, organize your research, find and test new tools, build your community, and get your dissertation done

How much better would your grad school life be with a rockstar support team?

Get the support, tools, and resources you need

to rock your grad school experience

and build a thriving, interdisciplinary career.

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About the author

Cathy Hannabach: Cathy is the president of Ideas on Fire, and loves helping progressive, interdisciplinary academics rock their careers and build the worlds they want to see.