How to Rock Your Dissertation: Writing Routines

Rock Your Dissertation workshop on Writing Routines, led by Cathy Hannabach

How to Rock Your Dissertation: Writing Routines

September 3, 2015 Blog

When: Tuesday October 6, 2015. 2-5 pm.

Where: University of California, Berkeley. 554 Barrows Hall, Berkeley, CA.

Event Description:

Are you writing your dissertation but not making the daily progress you (or your advisor) would like? Do you love your work, but struggle to keep up with the never-ending deluge of responsibilities while also building community and practicing self-care? In this hands-on Grad School Rockstars workshop, you’ll develop a personalized and comprehensive Road Map for your projects so you know where you’re headed and how to get there. Additionally, you’ll develop a Daily Writing Plan that allows you to write regularly, meet your goals, and avoid burning out.

This workshop was developed specifically for interdisciplinary, social justice oriented scholars. Come learn the habits and techniques that provide you the spark needed to think, teach, write, and collectively build the world you want.

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About the author

Cathy Hannabach: Cathy is the president of Ideas on Fire, and loves helping progressive, interdisciplinary academics rock their careers and build the worlds they want to see.