Weekend Reading: Shaking Things Up

Weekend Reading: Shaking Things Up

July 20, 2017 Blog


Amid the hectic race of teaching, writing, researching, service work, and more, we seek clear and direct answers. We want to know how to manage our time efficiently, to maximize the results of our labor, and overcome the stresses of daily life. But in our understandable efforts to streamline, we can sometimes risk losing out on new perspectives. Sometimes, to make things better, we need to disrupt the status quo, shake things up, and unsettle ourselves and the systems we move through.

The innovative, powerful work of feminist Chicanx artist Yreina D. Cervántez is being honored at LA’s Vincent Price Art Museum.

Summer isn’t always restful. We need to do a better job of talking about–and coping with–how summer can be challenging and alienating for many working in higher ed.

Here at IoF, we believe that mentorship matters. But in environments where diversity is sorely lacking, good mentorship is both a question of how and who is nurturing the next generation of leaders

The first sabbatical you take as a new faculty member can be an exciting opportunity to move your scholarship forward. But to make the most of your newly flexible schedule, you need to keep an open mind.

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Alexandra Sastre: Alexandra is a Contributing Writer at Ideas on Fire, as well as a feminist media studies scholar whose research focuses on the body as a critical communicative tool.