Weekend Reading: On Not Just “Powering Through”

Weekend Reading: On Not Just “Powering Through”

June 8, 2017 Blog


Academic work requires a vision for the long-haul. We know well the things we must endure: projects spanning years of work, months of wait time (and multiple rounds of feedback) on pieces we hope to publish, research that stops and starts as funding ebbs and flows, and (at times) hostility from institutions that were not built for us. We are taught to grit our teeth and keep moving despite the exhaustion, frustration, and weight of disappointment. But resilience is more than endurance; how we recover, grieve, and exist “despite” it all matters. Our reading this weekend urges us, through different means and approaches, to shift away from plowing through all that happens “in the meantime,” and see life in the interstices.

The great James Baldwin reminds us that talent is far from everything—discipline, love, luck but most of all endurance” drive the writer’s life.

Tamiko Nimura shares her story of family, internment, and memoir with Deesha Philyaw, and reminds us that through grieving—our histories, our dreams, our careers—comes growth.

You are more than the work you produce.

The evidence is notable; Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure.

Transitioning from the tenure track to the altac/postac life often ads up to much more than a career shift. As Chicana mother-scholar Yvette Martínez-Vu shares, it is a shift in perspective, mindset, and expectation too.

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