You conceptualized, researched, wrote, rewrote, and published a kick-ass academic book that has the potential to have a huge impact on the world.

But to have that impact, your book needs to get into the hands of the right people.

Book Marketing for Academics teaches you how to do just that.


Book marketing isn’t about standing in the middle of a conference or the Twittersphere shouting that your book is out and people should buy it.

It’s not about sleazy selling tactics or desperately trying to convince people that your book will revolutionize their field (even if it will).

It’s not even about doing something radically different than what you’re already doing as an academic: conducting research, writing scholarship, teaching courses, advising students, presenting at conferences, and actively participating in scholarly and community conversations.

Book marketing is about identifying and engaging a specific audience over time, tapping into genuine desire, harnessing your unique skills and expertise, and helping people use your book to make a change in the world. Maybe that change is creating their own awesome scholarship, maybe that change is helping undergraduates understand something better, maybe that change is inspiring activist work.

Your book can do all of these things, but folks have to find your book first.

That’s where Book Marketing for Academics comes in.

Think about the last three academic books you bought. How did you learn about those books?

Maybe one was recommended by a friend on social media or a colleague told you about it at a department event

Maybe the cover of one caught your eye at a conference book exhibit

Maybe you came across the citation for one of them when reading a journal article

Or maybe you were designing a syllabus and found a book review of a text that you could assign.

All of these examples involve book marketing: your friend or colleague recommending a specific book is marketing, the conference book exhibit is marketing, citing books in your scholarship is marketing (even if you haven’t thought of it this way), and book reviews are marketing. And authors play a key role in all of these marketing practices.

Book Marketing for Academics

teaches you how to harness your resources, skills, and time

to build your author platform and get the word out about your awesome new book.

Topics covered include

Narrowing in on your book’s audience (hint: it’s not everyone, or even most academics)

Building your author platform long before the book ever comes out

What exactly IS book marketing and why do you need to do it?

Why academic book marketing is primarily the author’s job, not the publisher’s

Setting up your author website or sales page—and why you need one

Crafting a social media plan that fits the specific ways you like to connect with others

The timeline of a book launch: before, during, and after publication

Helping faculty assign and teach your book in the classroom

Showcasing your book in conference book exhibits and conference author panels

Harnessing book prizes and book reviews to build interest

Designing and scheduling live author events that tap into your strengths

Getting your book into the hands of people who already want it and will create amazing stuff with it

Want a Preview?

You can read two excerpts from the book here and here.

About the author

I’m Cathy Hannabach and I work with academic authors for a living—at Ideas on Fire I help them map out, propose, write, edit, publish, and market their scholarly books.

Over the years, I’ve had dozens of clients, friends, and colleagues who have told me they struggle with how to market their academic books or even if they should be doing so. Their publishers encourage them to do book marketing but don’t offer much practical guidance for what that actually means or how to do it.

So I took the advice, templates, worksheets, and resources I have been giving to clients over the years and bundled them into this book. I think progressive, interdisciplinary scholarship can change the world (call me idealistic, but I really do). So let’s get your book out there to spark the change you want to see.

Cathy Hannabach

You wrote a fabulous book!

 Now learn how to get that book out into the world and into the hands of your ideal audience.