Academic Book Marketing Resources - Peacock feathers

Academic Book Marketing Resources

Build your author platform and website, plan your book tour, get interviewed, and choose the right publisher



Turning Your Dissertation into a Book - Brightly colored books on a black bookcase

Turning Your Dissertation into a Book

How to find a new frame for the project, identify your audiences, figure out what need to be cut and added, and construct the strong narrative arc necessary to turn it from a dissertation into a scholarly book.

Writing an Academic Book Proposal - Women's studies and ethnic studies books on a wood bookcase

Writing an Successful Academic Book Proposal

What makes for a great academic book proposal? Learn what publishers looking for and how to make your proposal stand out from the crowd.

Podcasting as Public Intellectualism - Ornage and black headphones on a teal wood background

Podcasting as Public Intellectualism

Learn how public scholars, academics, artists, activists, and cultural producers can use podcasting for public intellectualism.

Public Speaking for Academics - Row of stage microphones

Public Speaking for Academics

How to put theater and performance techniques to use in your conference presentations, course lectures, and committee meetings.

Writing for Non-Academic Audiences - Close up on folded stack of newspapers

Writing for Non-Academic Audiences

How interdisciplinary scholars can harness their skills to produce public writing for diverse audiences and publishing venues.


Academic book marketing, author platform - Multicolored neon lights arranged in a zig zag pattern

Academic Book Marketing: Audience and Author Platform

How to identify your academic book's audience and build an author platform that gets your book noticed, purchased, and engaged by that audience.

Academic Book Marketing Social Media Plan - Person wearing a navy blazer types on a laptop

Academic Book Marketing: Your Social Media Plan

Social media is a great way to do academic book promotion. Here's how to create a social media plan that fits your resources, time, and goals for your book.

Academic Book Publishing, Choosing a Press - CLose up on orange edges of an open book

Academic Book Publishing: Choosing a Press

Academic book publishing offers an array of press options. Here's how to identify the publisher that can best help your academic book reach your goals.

5 Things Book Indexers Wish Authors Knew - Exterior of a a purple apartment building with lots of balconies so it looks like boxes stacked on top of each other

5 Things Professional Book Indexers Wish Authors Knew

A great index is a crucial but often overlooked part of book marketing—it's the map that lets readers use and cite your book, adding you to scholarly conversations. Here are 5 things professional book indexers wish authors knew about the process.

Building Your Personal Academic Website - Desk with two computer monitors, keyboard, and plant

Building a Personal Academic Website

How to get started building a personal academic website that showcases your work as a scholar, educator, community member, and/or cultural producer.

How to Write a Great Speaker or Author Bio - Black notebook and teal pen

How to Write a Great Speaker or Author Bio

How to write an author bio or speaker bio that introduces you to specific audiences and brings in professional opportunities.

Planning Your Academic Book Tour - Book pages arranged in a heart shape against yellow background

Planning Your Academic Book Tour

An academic book tour is a fantastic way to publicize your new scholarly book. Here's how to put one together that fits your time, resources, and goals.

How to Be a Great Podcast Guest - Radio microphone, boom, and headphones

How to Be a Great Podcast Guest

How to best prepare for your interview, set up your recording space, ensure good sound quality, engage with your interviewer, and get the word out.

How to Write Public Scholarship - Multicolored mural painted on a building

How to Write Public Scholarship

How interdisciplinary scholars can identify the best outlets for their public scholarship and make their writing accessible to diverse audiences.

Why & How to Write a Book Review - Stack of books with eyeglasses on top

Why and How to Write a Book Review

Our guide on how to write a book review, why scholars should write them, and how they can make them work for their own research and goals.