Book Proposal Editing 

Looking for a publisher for your awesome interdisciplinary book project?

Wondering how to write a book proposal that will knock their socks off?

In today’s crowded academic publishing market, finding the right publisher and writing a captivating book proposal are vitally necessary to creating the change you want your book to facilitate in the world.

We help progressive, interdisciplinary scholars get their books out into the world

What you get

Publisher Research Report

We identify and research 5 academic presses that we recommend you pitch your book to, and provide a report complete with each press’s strengths/areas of acquisition, submission requirements, review process, series your book would be a good fit for, and acquisition editor contact information.

Developmental Editing

We developmentally edit your book proposal draft for content, including argument, project stakes, fit with the proposal genre, match with specific publishers’ submission requirements, organization, and authorial tone.


We copyedit your book proposal draft for nitty-gritty writing issues, including sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, consistency, typos, formatting, and citation style. The final stage, copyediting polishes your proposal to a shine!

Lena Palacios
Lena Palacios

Before working with Ideas on Fire, I felt stuck and unable to move forward with my book proposal. Working with them, I was finally able to gain some clarity about the project moving forward. My writing is more crisp and coherent and I feel good about submitting the proposal to a publisher.

—Lena Palacios, author of Media Necropower and Race-Radical Feminist Activism

Heath Fogg Davis
Heath Fogg Davis

Like many academics, I struggled with conceptualizing my second book project, and getting it in motion. I felt like I was spinning my wheels in a sea of wonderful, scattered ideas that could take forever to sift through and synthesize into a completed manuscript and book proposal. Working with Ideas on Fire, I gained a pragmatic game plan for completing my proposal and project, and academic writing feels fun again.

—Heath Fogg Davis, author of Beyond Trans: Does Gender Matter?

The Logistics

To see if your project is a good fit with our areas of expertise and client project calendar, fill out the form below.

We’ll connect with you via email to talk more about the project.

The investment for the Book Proposal Package is a flat fee of $550.

Many of our clients use university research funds for our services and we’re happy to work with your university to get set up as a vendor to facilitate this.

Craft a book proposal to help your project shine

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of books do you work on?

Our areas of expertise are the interdisciplinary humanities and social sciences. We mostly work on texts in the fields of gender and sexuality studies, performance studies, art, film/media studies, disability studies, American studies, social justice activism, ethnic studies, legal studies and prison abolition, area studies, science and technology studies, and humanities and social-science approaches to medicine.

For examples of some of our past client work, see our Portfolio page.

What presses do your clients publish with?

Our clients publish with presses who specialize in interdisciplinary scholarship, including Duke University Press, University of Minnesota Press, NYU University Press, University of Michigan Press, Oxford University Press, University of Illinois Press, Columbia University Press, Cornell University Press, Temple University Press, MIT Press, Indiana University Press, Vanderbilt University Press, University of Iowa Press, Haymarket Books, Palgrave Macmillan, and Routledge, among others.

For examples of some of our past client work, see our Portfolio page.

Do you offer agent services? Will you get me a book contract?

We are not a literary agency and no, we cannot guarantee you will get a book contract (nobody can). We help you identify the scholarly publishers who are the best fit for your book project, given your book’s specific topic/methodology/fields and the publishers’ areas of focus and expertise, and craft the best proposal possible. We show you how to submit that proposal to the presses that can best get that book into the specific communities that you and they want to reach.

When should I start writing the book proposal? Do I have to have a full manuscript done before submitting the proposal?

No, you do not need to have a completed manuscript to submit a book proposal. Most presses require you to submit 2 chapters as part of your proposal so those chapters should be completed and revised before submitting.

The academic publishing process takes a very long time (~8-18 mo.), and your book will go through multiple rounds of revision in that process, even if you think it is already done now. In your proposal, you’ll let the press know how much of the project is already completed and the date you can deliver a completed manuscript.

Let us help you craft a kick-ass book proposal to get your manuscript out into the world