Building Your Professional Network and Community

Building Your Professional Network and Community

October 9, 2017

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No scholar—tenure track, contingent, or independent—is an island. Building a diverse, professional network and community of colleagues is crucial to getting the most out of your work. Networks and communities shape your career(s) much, much more than any publishing, teaching, or service will.

Professional colleagues with diverse careers both within and beyond the academy can send job opportunities your way, put in a good word for you, provide feedback on your projects, give advice on career moves, commiserate about challenging issues, and serve as role models for the lives you could live.

But ethical networking and professional community-building is also reciprocal—you need to provide as much value to others as you ask from them.

So how do you actually build those networks and communities? What do you do with them once you have? In this webinar, Dr. Cathy Hannabach covers how you can identify folks from diverse careers you want to connect with, establish genuinely reciprocal connections, feed and nurture your professional relationships, and harness those networks to learn about and build fulfilling careers within and beyond the academy.

Building Your Professional Network and Community

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