Community Building Resources

Imagine Otherwise: Jillian Hernandez on the Politics of Confidence and Creativity

Host Cathy Hannabach interviews curator and professor Jillian Hernandez about the politics of confidence and collective creative support.

Imagine Otherwise: Aimi Hamraie on Sustainability and Disability Justice

Host Cathy Hannabach interviews Aimi Hamraie about how disability culture practices like slowness and mutual aid build collective sustainability.

How Authors Can Build Sustainable Editor Relationships

What academic authors can do to build sustainable editor relationships that help them meet their publishing goals.

Imagine Otherwise: Adrienne Shaw on Accessible Online Teaching by Design

Host Cathy Hannabach interviews professor Adrienne Shaw about building online courses that are accessible for both faculty and students.

Coauthoring and Collaborative Writing

Coauthoring and Collaborative Writing

Best coauthoring and collaborative writing practices, including finding partners, setting and reaching goals, and anticipating and navigating challenges.