Critical Race Studies Resources

Imagine Otherwise: Meredith D. Clark on Adapting Plans to Where You’re At

Cathy Hannabach interviews media studies scholar Meredith D. Clark about planning during the pandemic and tools to support mental health.

Imagine Otherwise: Chris Barcelos on Beginning from Educated Hope

Cathy Hannabach interviews public health scholar Chris Barcelos about reproductive justice, access intimacy, and educated hope.

Imagine Otherwise: Siobhan Brooks on Reckoning with Violence

Host Cathy Hannabach interviews Siobhan Brooks about what it means to reckon with violent histories without losing hope for the future.

Imagine Otherwise: Bakirathi Mani on Curating with Confidence

Cathy Hannabach interviews Bakirathi Mani about postcolonial art curation and building representations no longer haunted by empire.

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