Disability Studies Resources

Imagine Otherwise: Aimi Hamraie on Sustainability and Disability Justice

Host Cathy Hannabach interviews Aimi Hamraie about how disability culture practices like slowness and mutual aid build collective sustainability.

Imagine Otherwise: Anusha Kedhar on the Limits of Flexibility

Cathy Hannabach interviews dancer and scholar Anusha Kedhar about the limits of flexible labor regimes in dance and higher education.

Imagine Otherwise: Adrienne Shaw on Accessible Online Teaching by Design

Host Cathy Hannabach interviews professor Adrienne Shaw about building online courses that are accessible for both faculty and students.

Imagine Otherwise: Dorinne Kondo on Reparative Creativity

Host Cathy Hannabach interviews scholar, playwright, and dramaturg Dorinne Kondo about liveness, theater accessibility, and theorizing vulnerability.

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