Visual Art Resources

Imagine Otherwise: Bakirathi Mani on Curating with Confidence

Cathy Hannabach interviews Bakirathi Mani about postcolonial art curation and building representations no longer haunted by empire.

Imagine Otherwise: Jillian Hernandez on the Politics of Confidence and Creativity

Host Cathy Hannabach interviews curator and professor Jillian Hernandez about the politics of confidence and collective creative support.

Imagine Otherwise: Sasha Engelmann on Art and Activism in the Air

Host Cathy Hannabach interviews feminist geographer Sasha Engelmann about the transnational politics of air and activist-artistic collaboration.

Imagine Otherwise: Zakiyyah Iman Jackson on Black Feminist Interdisciplinarity

Host Cathy Hannabach interviews interdisciplinary feminist scholar Zakiyyah Iman Jackson about the role of blackness in histories of the human.

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