Make It Work: Doing Cultural Studies Beyond the Academy

Make It Work: Doing Cultural Studies Beyond the Academy

May 3, 2016

Make It Work, Doing Cultural Studies Beyond the Academy - Multicolored rubik's cube

Ideas on Fire is heading to Villanova University next week for the Cultural Studies Association conference to lead a roundtable on the vibrant cultural studies projects bring done beyond the academy.

Make It Work: Doing Cultural Studies Beyond the Academy

Some of us work with nonprofits. Some of us run our own businesses. Some of us produce podcasts and digital magazines. Some of us are nontenure-track faculty.

While we’re differently positioned in relation to the crises of the neoliberal university, post-ac/alt-ac folks are putting our cultural studies training to work in versatile and fulfilling ways.

In this roundtable, we’ll discuss the unique challenges practitioners face when doing cultural studies-related work without the backing of an academic institution.

Led by 3 cultural studies PhDs who direct vibrant social justice-oriented cultural projects (including Ideas on Fire!) beyond, within, and in collaboration with the academy, the roundtable will explore how artists, activists, editors, podcast hosts, writers, filmmakers, media makers, nonprofit directors, librarians, and museum directors are remaking what cultural studies means and what kind of worlds it can create.

Participants who create cultural studies-inflected work beyond the academy are encouraged to attend, as are folks who want to learn how to translate their academic work into other mediums and engage new audiences.

Topics discussed will include funding your projects, finding time to work on projects when adjuncting or working another day job, finding the right medium, navigating between and across diverse audiences, community collaborations, bringing alt-ac/post0ac work into the classroom, and the differences between academic and non-academic contexts for cultural studies-inflected work.


Cathy Hannabach, CEO and lead editor at Ideas on Fire and host of the Imagine Otherwise podcast

Terry K. Park, storyteller/editor, Grad School Rockstars Coach at Ideas on Fire, and Visiting Lecturer of American Studies at Wellesley College

Sarah Rebolloso McCullough, co-founder of Bicicultures and strategic initiatives coordinator in graduate studies at the University of California, Davis (and Ideas on Fire editing client)

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