Working with Dissertation Committee Members - Jena pocket with a wrench and paper with "support" on itDissertations are group efforts. It may be your name on the final signature page, but nobody does it alone. Your team of dissertation committee members, graduate advisors, mentors, comrades, partners, colleagues, tech support workers, community members, therapists, and food delivery folks is vital to the process. So how to find the right dissertation committee members and advisors? And how to work with them well once you do?

In this webinar, Dr. Cathy Hannabach shares concrete strategies for finding the right advisors and working well with them over time. You’ll learn how to identify the specific things you need and want from advisors, how to find matches for your unique work and communication styles, what you are and are not responsible for in the advisor/advisee relationship, troubleshooting difficult advising situations, and how to ensure reciprocal and supportive advisor relationships.

Working Well with Dissertation Committee Members and Graduate Advisors

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