Using Your Dissertation to Build a Non-Academic Career

Using Your Dissertation to Build a Non-Academic Career

September 11, 2017

Using Your Dissertation for a Non-Academic Career - Blue wall with door. Red sign reads "Way out, exit"

Dissertation committees, advisors, and fellow grad students have tons of great advice for you on how to write a dissertation. But almost all of that advice presumes that you’ll be pursuing a professorial career and treats the dissertation as training for it. Is there a way to write a dissertation that can help prepare you for a career as a nonprofit director, acquisition editor, policy maker, entrepreneur, or something else? Absolutely.

Ideas on Fire has teamed up with Beyond the Professoriate to teach you how to use your dissertation to build a non-academic career.

In this webinar, Ideas on Fire founder and CEO Dr. Cathy Hannabach will cover how to use your dissertation structure and topic to learn concrete skills relevant to careers beyond the academy, build the networks you need for your non-faculty career, and navigate the sometimes fraught position of being a PhD student who is actively seeking a non-academic career.

Register now to join us live on Tues., September 26, 12–1 pm EST or watch the replay anytime

You can also check out our upcoming events as well as recordings of our past webinars on topics like Public Speaking for Non-Performers, Work/Life Balance in the Context of Power, Mapping Your Semester, Crafting an Altac/Postac Career While in Grad School, and more!

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