Dissertation Writing Tips: Organizing Your Dissertation Chapters

Dissertation Writing Tips: Organizing Your Dissertation Chapters

March 27, 2017

Organizing Your Dissertation Chapters - Blue and purple puzzle pieces

You have an awesome dissertation topic. You’ve assembled your team of advisors and mentors. You even have been rocking the writing process (well, at least you’re working on it). But what to do with all of those notes and chunks of research?

In this webinar, Dr. Cathy Hannabach leads participants through how to organize dissertation chapters—both big-scale (across the dissertation as a whole) and small-scale (within each chapter itself). Chapter organization and structure can be a daunting task—where to begin? What should go in chapter 1 and what should wait until chapter 5? Should you write the introduction chapter first or leave it to the very end? We cover different strategies for navigating these questions as you build your interdisciplinary dissertation.

Dissertation Writing Tips: Organizing Your Dissertation Chapters

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