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Upcoming events

All upcoming in-person Ideas on Fire events are canceled due to COVID-19. We encourage all of you to follow WHO and CDC guidelines about social distancing. More about our reasoning for this decision can be found here.

Past events

A Farewell to Ibid, Editing Footnotes - Red notebook with a red pencil resting on top
May 14, 2019

A Farewell to Ibid.: Editing Footnotes at ACES

As editors from around the United States and the world gathered in Providence, Rhode Island, for the annual ACES conference last month, there was plenty of merriment—not to mention a bit of tongue-in-cheek mourning—as we… Continue Reading

Resisting Academic Busyness - Person relaxing in a hammock
April 22, 2019

Resisting Academic Busyness and Taking Weekends Off

Academics are so busy. We’ve got meetings, class prep, grading, and teaching, not to mention the research and writing that often feels like the only stuff that counts as we build our careers. Increasing calls… Continue Reading

Surviving Job Burnout in the Academy and Beyond - Stressed out person holding their head
March 25, 2019

Surviving Job Burnout in the Academy and Beyond

Dealing with job burnout is an essential part of any career, academic or otherwise. Those feelings of resistance—to grading one more paper, teaching one more class, writing one more paragraph—can drag us down and away… Continue Reading

Editing Endnotes and Footnotes - Sculpture and water fountain made of books
March 11, 2019

A Farewell to Ibid.: Editing Endnotes and Footnotes at ACES

Ideas on Fire is headed to Providence, Rhode Island in a few weeks where we're teaming up with Grey Editing to lead a session on a fabulously nerdy topic: editing endnotes and footnotes! We'll be… Continue Reading

Making Career Decisions in an Era of Uncertainty- Green bush shaped into a giant question mark
February 18, 2019

Making Career Decisions in an Era of Uncertainty

Making career decisions can be incredibly challenging work. Should you take the visiting assistant professor (VAP) position or hold back another year before filing your dissertation? Is another contingent position worth a move across the… Continue Reading

Academic Politics for New & Contingent Faculty, blog - Icebergs in cold waters
January 21, 2019

Academic Politics for New and Contingent Faculty

Navigating academic politics is not for the faint of heart, especially for new and contingent faculty. Our jobs often feel like they rely on staying in everyone's good graces, even when the political landscape makes… Continue Reading

Wellness for Academics, Scholars, & Other Cultural Workers - Plate of vegetables and legumes
December 17, 2018

Wellness for Academics, Scholars, and Other Cultural Workers

Wellness for academics, scholars, and other cultural workers often takes a back seat to other priorities. So much of these careers is cerebral that it can be easy to forget about the rest of us.… Continue Reading

Navigating Imposter Syndrome image of red brick wall against a blue sky
November 19, 2018

Navigating Imposter Syndrome and Other Insecurities

Imposter syndrome is a common and unwelcome partner for many academics. Those feelings that we are not good enough, that we don't belong here, that people are going to find out the truth soon enough—they… Continue Reading

Succeeding Beyond the Academy Book party - Multicolored balloons
November 6, 2018

Join us for a Succeeding Outside the Academy Book Party and Discussion!

Join us for a book launch party and discussion to celebrate the publication of Succeeding Outside the Academy: Career Paths beyond the Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM In her contribution to the book, IoF founder… Continue Reading