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Upcoming events

All upcoming in-person Ideas on Fire events are canceled due to COVID-19. We encourage all of you to follow WHO and CDC guidelines about social distancing. More about our reasoning for this decision can be found here.

Past events

Social Media for Academics. Image of social media icons on phone screen
October 22, 2018

Social Media for Academics: Learn the Ropes

There is no way to avoid social media. Most of us wouldn't want to do that anyway. Social media is a place to connect with friends, organize politically, find professional opportunities, promote and learn about… Continue Reading

Logo for International Podcast Day against a black background. Logo has a grey microphone and the text "International Podcast Day, September 30"
September 27, 2018

International Podcast Day 2018: How We’re Celebrating

International Podcast Day 2018 is coming up this Sunday September 30. At Ideas on Fire we'll be celebrating by listening to some of our favorites and working on the next episode of our podcast, Imagine… Continue Reading

Teaching Techniques to Save You Time: Word cloud of education-related terms in front of stacks of education and pedagogy books
September 24, 2018

Teaching Techniques to Save You Time and Energy

Teaching can be the most rewarding part of academic life, but it can also be the most time consuming. From preparing lectures and class activities to grading, tracking attendance, and answering emails, teaching often takes… Continue Reading

Three multicolored shapes that look like wings radiating outward against a teal background. Text reads "Peer Review Week: Diversity in Peer Review, September 10-15, 2018"
September 10, 2018

Happy Peer Review Week! Love for Academic Publishing

Today the scholarly publishing community kicks off the 2018 Peer Review Week! As academic editors and indexers, the Ideas on Fire team knows how vital peer review is to knowledge production—it's what ensures your scholarship… Continue Reading

Academic Inspiration - Lightbulb on a chalkboard, in a thought bubble
August 13, 2018

Academic Inspiration: How to Get Re-Inspired by an Old Project

Passion often ignites our intellectual projects. We've got real questions and real curiosity, the early stages of research and writing are exciting, and we're filled with academic inspiration. But that early rush can fade, especially… Continue Reading

Finding & Seizing Career Opportunities: Multicolored rocks with blue and green rocks around the edges and reddish rocks in the center
July 16, 2018

Finding and Seizing Career Opportunities Where You’re At

Building an academic, alternative academic (altac), or non-academic (nonac/postac) career isn't just about finishing the papers, getting through the dissertation, or publishing that article. It's also about seeking out opportunities both inside and outside the… Continue Reading

Blue background with hand holding a microphone surrounded by a red play button triangle
July 12, 2018

Who’s Joining Us at Podcast Movement 2018?

Ideas on Fire and the Imagine Otherwise podcast are heading to Podcast Movement 2018! This year's conference is coming to our city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and we're excited to meet up with other podcasters, fans,… Continue Reading

Moving Tips for Academics - Brown cardboard box with dishes packed in it and a meta key hanging over the edge
June 11, 2018

Moving Tips for Academics: Planning, Planning, Planning

Did you land a gig in a new city for the fall? Is it a tenure-line job, so this move might be permanent? Or is it a one year visiting position that you know is… Continue Reading

Aimi Hamraie wearing a blue shirt and brown sweater, next to their book Building Access: Universal Design and the Politics of Disability
May 17, 2018

Aimi Hamraie on Building Access: Universal Design and the Politics of Disability

Ideas on Fire and Cathy Hannabach are organizing this Author Meets Critics session at the 2018 Cultural Studies Association conference. Aimi Hamraie will be discussing their new book Building Access: Universal Design and the Politics… Continue Reading