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Malinda Maynor Lowery wearing a dark green shirt, in front of a grey and coral wall

Imagine Otherwise: Malinda Maynor Lowery on Lumbee Storytelling

Producer and oral historian Malinda Maynor Lowery on telling Lumbee history, food television, and the struggle for Indigenous political sovereignty.


Sarah Stefana Smith wearing a royal blue blazer, blue glasses, and a blue patterned scarf

Imagine Otherwise: Sarah Stefana Smith on a Poetics and Politics of Bafflement

Artist Sarah Stefana Smith about a poetics and politics of bafflement, Black feminist art, and artistic collaboration.


Amber Jamilla Musser wearing a black shirt and glasses

Imagine Otherwise: Amber Jamilla Musser on Valuing Embodied Knowledge

Feminist scholar Amber Jamilla Musser on aesthetics and racialized sexuality, the politics of co-authoring, and embodied knowledge.


Yaba Blay wearing a black turtleneck sleeveless sweater and necklace

Imagine Otherwise: Yaba Blay on Everyday Black Girl Magic

Cultural producer and scholar Yaba Blay on colorism, being an insider/outsider in the academy, and how celebrating Black girl magic is key to how she imagines otherwise.


Marcella Ernest wearing a grey shirt and teal earrings

Imagine Otherwise: Marcella Ernest on Native American Filmmaking and Podcasting

Ojibwe video artist and scholar Marcella Ernest on why representing Indigenous women require complex film techniques and how building a better world requires a new relationship between humans, land, and resources.


Aisha Shahidah Simmons wearing a purple shirt and silver earrings, resting her chin on her hand

Imagine Otherwise: Aishah Shahidah Simmons on Black Feminist Anti-Violence Activism

Filmmaker Aishah Shahidah Simmons on her award-winning film NO!: The Rape Documentary and how every one of us can help end violence in our communities.


Felami Burgess wearing a silver necklace and watch, resting her head on her hand, in front of green leaves

Imagine Otherwise: Felami Burgess on Queer of Color Media Representation

Producer and author Felami Burgess on queer of color media representation and why now more than ever we need to braid art, activism, and academia to build better worlds.


Wazhmah Osman wearing a pink button-down shirt, in front of a wall painted with graffiti

Imagine Otherwise: Wazhmah Osman on Autoethnography and Afghan Documentary Film

Director Wazhmah Osman on her critically acclaimed documentary film, Postcards from Tora Bora, which recounts Wazhmah's return to her childhood home of Kabul, Afghanistan nearly 20 years after her family fled Cold War violence.


Aymar Jean Christian wearing a black shirt

Imagine Otherwise: Aymar Jean Christian on Queer and Trans of Color Media Production

Open TV founder Aymar Jean Christian on producing independent web series by queers, women, and trans people of color.