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Whether you're seeking to build your public intellectual profile, publish your next book, or get the word out about your awesome scholarship, we can help you rock your interdisciplinary career within or beyond the academy.


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You have an awesome idea. Now let us help you make your argument shine with strong claims, clear organization, and a compelling narrative arc.

We offer developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading over the course of your project.

Index from Assuming a Body, photo (c) Cathy Hannabach 2014


An index is your book’s road map, ensuring it gets read, debated, and cited.

We craft indexes that orient your readers to your book’sstellar arguments, connect your scholarshipto that of other authors, and help your readers navigate your book so that they can cite and build on it in their own work.

Book Proposals

In today’s crowded academic publishing market, finding the right publisher and writing a captivating book proposalare vitally necessary to creating the change you want your book to facilitate in the world.

We help scholars within and outside the academy craft book proposals that get noticed by the publishers in your field.

Book Marketing for Academics

You conceptualized, researched, wrote, rewrote, and published a kick-ass academic book that has the potential to have a huge impact on the world.

But to have that impact, your book needs to get into the hands of the right people.

Book Marketing for Academics teaches you how to do just that.


Hands-on workshops for community organizations, academic departments, and scholarly associations.

We provide scholars the resources they need to write and publish powerful texts, prepare grad students for diverse careers within and beyond academia, and help you increase your organization's impact and public engagement.