Graduate School Resources - Grey UC Berkeley university building with clock tower in background, foreground contains a grey metal sculpture with swirls inside a shallow pond, surrounded by grass

Graduate School Resources for Interdisciplinary Academics

Write and finish your dissertation, create self-care systems, avoid burnout, and put your PhD to work


How to Move to a New City - Picture of key in a door to signify moving to a new home.

How to Move to a New City (Again) and Settle In

Learn how to move to a new city, settle in, and make any place feel like home—no matter how contingent the position or temporary the stay.

Rock Your First Semester of Graduate School - Red and yellow curved building with green grass outside

How to Rock Your First Semester of Graduate School

Learn the time management systems, writing habits, and professional networks you need to rock your first semester of graduate school.

Money Management for Graduate Students - Close up of person's hand offering a debit card toward the camera

Money Management for Graduate Students

Learn the basics of money management, including handling anxiety, budgeting and saving, taking on side gigs, and dealing with taxes and loans.

Work Life Balance in the Context of Power - Person balances on a narrow log far above a city, looking down

Work Life Balance in the Context of Power

How to set and protect boundaries and navigate work life balance in the context of the radically uneven power relationships that make up academia.

Finding & Seizing Career Opportunities: Multicolored rocks with blue and green rocks around the edges and reddish rocks in the center

Finding and Seizing Career Opportunities

How to find and seize career opportunities related to teaching, writing, and mentorship to boost your career within or beyond academia.

Dealing with Rejection in Academia. Overcast grey stormy sky above a long pier

Dealing with Rejection in Academia

Learn how to navigate the inevitable waves of rejection that accompany academic life—including rejections from publishers and editors, possible mentors, fellowships, and jobs—as well as how to decide what role rejection will play in your decisions about work and life.

Navigating Imposter Syndrome image of red brick wall against a blue sky.

Navigating Imposter Syndrome and Other Insecurities

Navigate imposter syndrome and other insecurities to regain confidence, free up mental space for work, and feel at home where you are.

Resisting Academic Busyness - Person relaxing in a hammock

Resisting Academic Busyness and Taking Weekends Off

Strategies to avoid the siren song of academic busyness, preserve your time, and finally take those weekends off—for real.

Working with Dissertation Committee Members and Graduate Advisors - Close up of jeans pocket with paper that says "support"

Working Well with Dissertation Committee Members and Graduate Advisors

How to find the right dissertation committee members and advisors for your grad school experience and  how to work with them well once you do.

Getting the Most Out of Writing Groups - Group of people sit around a table, one person writes in a notebook, laptops and coffee cups around

Getting the Most Out of Writing Groups

Learn how to design and run writing groups that build the accountability systems, intellectual communities, and editorial support groups you need.

Building Your Professional Network - Multicolored top held together by black plastic nodes

Building Your Professional Network and Community

How to build and nurture a professional network and community of folks from diverse career paths to help you over the course of your career.

Fostering Intellectual Community - Cheerful women giving each other high fives at a coffee shop table.

Fostering Intellectual Community in Your Academic Workplace

Learn how to foster intellectual community in academic workplaces using reading and writing groups, engaging mentorship, and other strategies.

Navigating Academic Conferences - Conference space with groups of people in suits and other professional attire standing talking, foreground contains a glass table with white coffee cup

Navigating Academic Conferences: Presenting, Socializing, Surviving

Tips on navigating academic conferences: build a career network, manage your energy levels, get feedback on your work, and avoid going broke in the process.

Moving Tips for Academics - Brown cardboard box with dishes packed in it and a meta key hanging over the edge

Moving Tips for Academics

One of the worst parts of academic life is the constant moving. Here are our expert tips on how to get from here to there as painlessly as possible.

Dissertation Help Where to Start - Red running track and white lines and lane numbers

Dissertation Help: Early Planning and Where to Start

Dissertation help on mapping the project out, selecting which chapter to write first, and crafting a writing routine that works for you.

Dissertation Writing Tips Organizing Your Diss Chapters - Close up of blue and purple puzzle pieces

Dissertation Writing Tips: Organizing Your Dissertation Chapters

Dissertation writing tips on organization: what goes in each chapter, what order things need to appear in, and how to create a strong narrative arc.

Revising Seminar Papers into Journal Articles - Abstract blue bubbles

Revising Seminar Papers into Publications

How to turn those seminar papers into publications of various sorts, where to publish them and when, and how to tell when a paper is worth the work.

Beating the Mid-Semester Slump - Bull dog lays dejectedly on a porch

Beat the Mid-Semester Slump and Get Back on Track

Semesters start with big goals then life gets in the way. Learn how to keep the mid-semester slump from derailing your plans and goals.  

Using Side Gigs for Career Options - Brightly colored leaves against a blue sky

Using Side Gigs to Explore Career Options

Curious about careers beyond the tenure track? Learn how to find and use side gigs to make extra money and explore careers outside academia.

Prepping for Alt-ac or Post-ac Careers in Graduate School - "Another way" signs overlaid on top of each other

Prepping for Alt-ac or Post-ac Careers in Graduate School

How to prepare for alt-ac or post-ac careers while in graduate school: using your dissertation, building networks, and learning on the job.

Setting Summer Writing Goals - Agricultural field with tall plants in the foreground and a setting sun in the background

Setting Summer Writing Goals

Summer is a great time to get a lot of work done, but getting it done happens better with a plan. Here's how to set reasonable goals and balance them with the rest and vacation necessary for meeting them.

Summer Motivation - Close up of sunglasses sitting on a straw hat

Summer Motivation: Get Stuff Done while Enjoying the Season

Summer motivation techniques for getting those writing, research, and teaching projects done while also enjoying the season.

Surviving Job Burnout in the Academy and Beyond - Stressed out person holding their head

Surviving Job Burnout in the Academy and Beyond

Strategies for dealing with job burnout, finding inspiration again, and getting projects done even when you'd rather do just about anything else.

Deciding Whether to Finish Your PhD - Person carrying a yellow bag standing at the crossroads between four paths surrounded by green grass

Deciding Whether to Finish Your PhD

Learn how to actively choose whether to stay and finish your PhD or embark on your next adventure—and what to do once you've made your choice.

How to Get Re-Inspired by an Old Project - Yellow lightbulb on top of a yellow paint swatch with yellow background

How to Get Re-Inspired by an Old Project

Your project used to be exciting but your passion and motivation are gone. Learn how to get re-inspired by an old project like a book or dissertation.


Embracing Academic Seasonality - Bright orange fall trees in a field

Embracing Academic Seasonality

Even if you have a favorite or a not-so-favorite part of the year, embracing the seasonality of academic life can mean more creativity, productivity, and inspiration for those projects while also helping you prioritize self-care and avoid burnout.

What to Do in Your First Semester of Graduate School - Green concrete wall with "hello and welcome" written on it with an arrow pointing to a yellow doorway

What to Do in Your First Semester of Graduate School

Get a head start on writing routines, self-care systems, time management tools, and community building in your first semester of graduate school.

Boundaries in Academia - Closeup of white boxes with blue tiles

Setting Healthy Boundaries in Academia

Why boundaries in academia are so important for work life balance and how to set and protect them amidst the hustle bustle of academic life.

How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation - Black sign hanging outside a brick building sign that reads "ask" in large neon letters

How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation

How to ask for a letter of recommendation from a professor or employer: what to include, how far in advance to ask, and how to follow up.

Practical Strategies for Taking Notes - Person takes notes by hand, with an open book, coffee cup, and laptop on the table

Practical Strategies for Taking Notes

Practical techniques for taking notes that ensure you can find, understand, expand, and use them later in your various projects.

Setting Realistic Writing Deadlines - Close up of calendar, one date circled in red

Setting Realistic Writing Deadlines

Meeting writing goals requires setting realistic writing deadlines that fit your real life and take into account your commitments, resources, and goals.

Preparing for Qualifying Exams - Book lays open on a table, with letters rising up out of it

Preparing for Your Qualifying Exams (Beyond Studying)

How to prepare in advance so that by the time your qualifying exams roll around you are feeling rested, in control of your schedule, and ready to work.

Rethinking Your Relationship to Reading - Person sits next to a lake reading a book

Rethink Your Relationship to Reading

How to evaluate your reading practices, discover how you prefer to read, how to retain what you read, and how reading can enhance your life and work.

How to Find a Good Mentor - Two people wearing professional attire sit on an office couch talking, one holds a phone.

How to Find a Good Mentor

Academic mentorship can be vital to thriving in graduate school and faculty life. Here's how to find a good mentor to guide you in your career path.

Finding Non-Academic Mentors - Two people sit at a table talking with a laptop in front of them

Finding Non-Academic Mentors, Regardless of Your Career Path

Non-academic mentors bring a wealth of career expertise and life advice. Here's how to build and nurture those relationships regardless of your career path.

How to Be a Good Mentee - Two people wearing professional attire sit on an office couch talking, one is showing the other something on a laptop

How to Be a Good Mentee

Being a good mentee doesn't just mean saying yes all the time or following every piece of advice. Learn how to keep your academic mentoring relationships strong over the long term.

Making a Self-Care Plan for the Semester - Colorful hammock hanging on trees outside

Making a Self-Care Plan for the Semester: Before, During, After

Mapping self-care into your plan before, during, and after the semester can help you find balance, prioritize rest, and cultivate your energy.

Mental Health in Academia - Tan grasses in front of a blue ocean and sky

Mental Health in Academia: How Departments Can Support Faculty, Staff, and Students

Strategies and tactics for improving mental health in academia by providing resources to students, faculty, and staff and prioritizing wellness.

Understanding Conference and Journal Article Rejection - Crumpled up paper around a notebook

Understanding Conference and Journal Article Rejection

Rejection is never fun. But understanding how conference and journal article rejection works lets you give your research the best chance possible.

Making Career Decisions - Green bush shaped into a giant question mark

Making Career Decisions in an Era of Uncertainty

How to make career decisions in an era of uncertainty and with limited information, and learn to live with those choices even as circumstances change.

Leading a Discussion Section as a Teaching Assistant - Conference room with two conference tables and chairs

Leading a Great Discussion Section as a Teaching Assistant

How to lead a great discussion section as a teaching assistant that ensures your students better grasp the material, feel comfortable asking questions, and learn to think critically about the world around them.

Manage Grading without Getting Overwhelmed - Giant jumbled pile of papers, notebooks, and books

Manage Grading without Getting Overwhelmed

Grading is one of the most challenging, thankless, and important parts of teaching. Here are some tips for managing grading without getting overwhelmed.

Teaching During the Summer - Multicolored classroom rows of chairs

Teaching During the Summer: Challenges and Opportunities

Things to keep in mind as you approach your summer teaching and our best strategies for a creating a positive, productive educational experience.

Staying Curious about Your Research - House with white walls and black trim positioned upside down against a blue sky

Staying Curious About Your Research

Curiosity brings us to our research, but it can get lost in the slog of the work itself. Here are some tips on how to stay curious about your research.

Finding a Work Space Where You Can Thrive - Person sits on the floor of an office on a computer, surrounded by books

Finding a Work Space Where You Can Thrive

How to find and use a great work space that gives you energy, inspiration, and the conditions you need to do your best work.

Academic Politics for New & Contingent Faculty, blog - Icebergs in cold waters

Academic Politics for New and Contingent Faculty

Help navigating academic politics for new and contingent faculty, including finding allies, trusting colleagues, and knowing when (and how) to stay out of it.

Finish Your Dissertation - Yellow "end" sign

Finally Finish Your Dissertation: The Last Push

The last push is often the hardest. Here's how to finish your dissertation strong when you're down to the wire and just need the thing done.

Dissertating While Parenting - Bright blue brick building with lots of square windows

Dissertating While Parenting: Not Such a Contradiction

Finishing a dissertation while being a parent can be challenging. Here are strategies for getting  research done while also spending time with your kids.

Interdisciplinary Oral History - Person in a blue blazer holding two microphones and a voice recorder, writing in a notebook

Jumpstarting an Interdisciplinary Oral History Project

How to get started with interdisciplinary oral history, including researching formats, finding training, and critically reflecting on power dynamics.

Time Management Apps - Close up on a person's hand using an iPhone

Apps to Boost your Academic Time Management and Productivity

Our recommendations for apps that help you with time management and tracking, focus, goal setting and accountability, and support.