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You’re working your way through graduate school.

Maybe you just started, maybe you’re studying for qualifying exams, or maybe you’re deep into the throes of dissertation writing.

You love your work but are struggling to keep up with the never-ending deluge of responsibilities while also building community and practicing self care.

You can do more than survive grad school.

You can ROCK it.

We’ve got your back

Grad School Rockstars is an online mentorship community of progressive, interdisciplinary scholars supporting each other online and off, within academia and beyond.

We believe in a holistic, intersectional approach to graduate education and careers—community building, creativity, self-care, and overall wellness are prioritized just as highly as producing great scholarship and teaching.

From the coaches to the community members, we help each other produce amazing work, enliven public conversations, and build the careers and worlds we all can be proud of.

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In Grad School Rockstars, you can

Map out all the projects you’re tackling in grad school and design a concrete plan for getting them all done

Develop sustainable systems that can grow with you as you move through grad school and into your career

Find the accountability and support you need to create powerful work that resonates with your communities

Rosie C
Rosie C.

Before I joined, I struggled with confidence, and making time for self care. Grad School Rockstars has really changed the attitude with which I approach grad school and my work. I’ve found a way to integrate my academic and activist work through the community’s emphasis on collaboration and social justice and through our discussions about the importance of locating committee members that genuinely support the work you want and love to do.

Jazmín D
Jazmín D.

Grad School Rockstars has been an incredible boon to my academic life and personal wellbeing. It is a great source of organizational know-how, and a terrific sounding board as I hash out ideas. Genuinely interested in my research and supportive every step of the way, the community has helped me to adopt a more realistic and healthy attitude towards my academic workI feel much more in control of my process and more confident in my thinking and writing abilities.

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Grad School Rockstars member benefits:

– Access to a growing digital network of progressive, interdisciplinary grad students and coaches in gender + sexuality studies, ethnic studies, cultural studies, disability studies, performance studies + dance, and media studies

Weekly online office hours with the four rockstar coaches who provide personalized feedback, support, and guidance on your projects and progress toward your goals

-Monthly live webinars as well as access to our webinar video library on topics like dissertation writing routines, working with advisors, building diverse careers, work/life balance, self care, and organizing dissertation chapters

Trainings, templates, and activity worksheets to help you set goals, organize your research, find new tools, build your community, and get your dissertation done

Michelle P
Michelle P.

Before I joined, I struggled with juggling multiple tasks, regular writing, and time management. Through Grad School Rockstars, I began writing every dayMy relationship to my dissertation became less anxiety-inducing and more pleasurable and exciting. I recommend the community to any graduate student who struggles with time management as well as feelings of isolation and failure when not meeting the impossible goals we set for ourselves.

Veronica S
Veronica S.

When I joined Grad School Rockstars, I was struggling with organizing my time and self care. Through the community, I learned that self care is a crucial part of doing my work. Another important lesson I learned is to give credit to myself (and celebrate!) what I do as something worthy and difficult, as scholarly work definitely is. The coaches are efficient and professional, and know very well what our difficulties really are. I’m excited to maintain the good habits I formed there.

Membership Options

Semester plan

$ 175
Billed every 4 months ($21 savings)

Monthly plan

$ 49
Billed monthly

The academy is changing.

More PhDs work off the tenure track than on it, and thousands each year build thriving careers as nonprofit directors, acquisition editors, policy makers, and entrepreneurs. In Grad School Rockstars, the coaches draw on the careers they have built within and beyond academia to offer concrete skills and support to help you rock your dissertation and academic pursuits as well as bring value to any industry.

From trainings and webinars to podcast episodes and community discussions, community members learn how to give awesome presentations, write for varied public audiences, balance work and life in the context of uneven power relations, teach in community and company settings, and pursue their creativity and activism in diverse professions.

Tala K
Tala K.

For people who are contemplating Grad School Rockstars, my advice is to join immediately! I love the community. One of my favorite things about it is that it is very accessible and takes a very holistic approach to academic coaching. I also really love that it is diverse, interdisciplinary, and social justice-oriented. I have learned a lot about different aspects of myself and one of the things I most value is the importance of having an accountability structure, which I’ve implemented ever since. 

Zach M.
Zach M.

Grad school can be very isolating, so Grad School Rockstars was a really good place to find some camaraderie and to be able to talk about things outside of my own department. It’s really nice to see that we have so many shared experiences. Additionally, I’ve made some good friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should I devote to Grad School Rockstars?

Totally up to you! Grad School Rockstars is designed to fit around your schedule, as we know you’re busy. Many of our members post several times a week and attend all the events, but some prefer to pop in just to get help on particular issues as they arise. Both are fine. You get out of Grad School Rockstars what you put in and we’re here for you 24/7. 

Where is the community hosted?

Grad School Rockstars is hosted in Slack, an easy-to-learn chat platform that provides channels for particular topics (like writing, self-care, and road blocks), an events calendar so you always know when office hours and webinars are, direct messages so you can contact the coaches or other members privately if needed, and archived and searchable conversations so you can track down that great conversation you had awhile back or catch up on anything you missed. Our webinars are hosted on Crowdcast, an interactive live video streaming platform where participants can talk with the presenters and each other in real time.

When are office hours? Who leads them?

The four rockstar coaches—Cathy Hannabach, Terry Park, Julia Jordan-Zachery, and Kate Drabinski—each host weekly office hours, and you can attend as many office hours as you’d like. Office hours are where you can get personalized help on your projects from the coaches. The coaches spread out their office hours throughout the week so you can always find a session that fits your schedule.

Isn’t my advisor supposed to be helping me with this stuff? 

Advisors/dissertation directors/major professors are amazing. They are often your strongest allies through your time in graduate school, and their mentoring will absolutely help shape the career(s) you build for yourself. However, they often lack the time or resources to offer the type of personalized, holistic support that our community does. Additionally, they are often stretched thin advising many students at once, due to increasing advising and administrative loads. In the Grad School Rockstars community you get concrete, personalized, and holistic support tailored to your individual goals and needs. Indeed, many faculty send their grad students to this community precisely for this reason.

Will this community teach me how to get an academic or non-academic job?

Although graduate students juggling applications for both academic and non-academic jobs are absolutely welcome, the job search is not the primary focus of this community. Indeed, we are approaching grad school from a holistic perspective because you are a complex, embodied person with a huge range of desires, passions, projects, skills, relationships, commitments, and futures. If you want to learn how to organize your projects (which may or may not include job application materials), create and meet deadlines, contribute to a supportive community, and develop healthy habits to sustain you as a holistic person, then we’d love to have you! If you’re primarily looking for a job market support group and/or feedback on job application materials, there are several other resources that would be a better fit, including The Professor Is In.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you decide we’re not right for you, that’s fine. If you’re on the month-to-month plan you can cancel anytime. If you’re on the semester plan, we’ll refund any months on your plan you haven’t used.

How much better would your grad school life be with a rockstar support team?

Get the support, tools, and resources you need

to rock your grad school experience

and build a thriving, interdisciplinary career.