We're Hiring Academic Editors and Academic Indexers - Desk with papers, phones, and computersWe are looking to add a few more academic copyeditors, developmental editors, and book indexers to our editing team!

Do you love helping interdisciplinary scholars write and publish awesome work? Check out our open positions on our career page to see if one is a great fit for you.

Developmental Editors

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Our developmental editors are responsible for ensuring manuscripts have strong and well-proven arguments and sub-claims relevant to the authors’ academic fields, a clear and logical structure/flow that supports those arguments, the right amount and type of engagement with scholarly sources and debates, and consistent authorial tone. Further, our developmental editors ensure manuscripts fit well with specific US academic publishers’ lists and audiences as well as advise clients on changes they can make to their manuscripts to best fit existing and emerging scholarly, artistic, and activist conversations in their fields. 


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Our copyeditors are responsible for ensuring manuscripts have correct and consistent grammar, spelling, formatting, and punctuation; clear and logical sentence structure; consistent terminology, abbreviations, and definitions; and accurate citation formatting for in-text citations, footnotes/endnotes, and bibliographies. Further, our copyeditors ensure manuscripts adhere to specific US publishers’ and universities’ formatting requirements and best reflect the power of interdisciplinary scholarship today.


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Ideas on Fire indexes are fundamentally interdisciplinary. Our indexers craft back-of-the-book indexes that use entries, sub-entries, and cross references to allow diverse groups of readers to navigate the book in question and build on it to create their own scholarship.