At their best, the holidays are an opportunity to rest, reflect and reconnect with your community. But the holidays can also be a time rife with stress, when we know we should take a break but can’t. As the days get shorter and the semester comes to an end, self-care is crucial. But after the hustle and bustle, sometimes you don’t even know how to begin to wind down.

For December, we are sharing our tried-and-true de-stressing rituals with you, in the hopes that you have a happy and healthy new year! And for more tips on self-care, be sure to check out Rockstar Coach Julia Jordan-Zachary’s recent webinar on Self-Care at the End of the Semester.

Priyanka Kaura (Administrative Assistant)

  • “If I’m feeling overwhelmed, I turn to yoga, a long walk, or a big pot of lavender tea.”

Kate Drabinski (Grad School Rockstars Coach)

  • “Bicycling is my most reliable de-stressing ritual! I love riding my bike outside. It forces me to pay attention outside of my own head, and if I can find some hills, I can tire myself out enough to beat insomnia.”

Michelle Velasquez-Potts (Junior Editor)

  • “When I’m stressed, I grab a drink or take a walk.”

Sarah Grey (Editor)

Cathy Hannabach (Founder & CEO)

  • “Good scotch, tarot, essential oils or incense, TV, and snuggling with my wife all do the trick!”

Terry K. Park (Grad School Rockstars Coach)

  • “Running or hitting the heavy bag by myself, using a boxing app, usually works! I’d like to do more yoga and bicycling, which always calms me down and lifts me up. But if we’re gonna be honest, it’s usually bourbon, ice cream, and Netflix.”

Alexandra Sastre (Content + Project Manager)

  • “Getting up and going for a walk with my headphones on, even if it’s just around the block. An upbeat soundtrack and a little adrenaline go a long way toward helping me relax and get out of my head in times of high stress.”

Julia Jordan-Zachery (Grad School Rockstars Coach)

  • “I relax by candle gazing, spending a couple of minutes just completely centered on the flame and allowing it to dance across my mind.”

How do you wind down when things get stressful?

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