Ideas on Fire’s Favorite Podcasts 2017

Ideas on Fire’s Favorite Podcasts 2017

January 3, 2017
Ideas on Fire's Favorite Podcats 2017 - iPhone with earbuds against a yellow background

Here at Ideas on Fire, we know the value of a good podcast. At its best, it entertains and educates, using dialogue creatively to explore the new, the old, and the new-to-you. A great podcast episode can teach you something, expose you to others who are doing exciting work, and inspire you to look at your own projects in a new light.

As we start off 2017, we wanted to share our recommendations for some great podcasts we’ve been listening to lately—podcasts that have entertained us, relaxed us, educated us and sparked our creativity. Happy listening!

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Julia Jordan-Zachery (Grad School Rockstars Coach)

  • “One of my favorites to date is Invisibilia, that navigates the unseen forces that shape the way we move through the world.'”

Alexandra Sastre (Content and Project Manager)

  • “I’ve been loving You Must Remember This, Karina Longworth’s thoroughly researched and thoroughly engaging podcast on ‘the forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century'”

Terry K. Park (Grad School Rockstars Coach)

  • #Good Muslim/Bad Muslim is a great podcast created by my smart sassy funny friends, Taz Ahmed and Zahra Noorbakhsh.”

Sarah Grey (Editor)

  • “I always get a kick out of Welcome to Night Vale— it’s such a fun send-up of every science fiction trope ever.”

Michelle Velasquez-Potts (Junior Editor)

  • “I enjoy The Read, a fierce and funny take on popular culture hosted by Kid Fury and Crissle.”

Cathy Hannabach (Founder & CEO)

  • “I always enjoy 99 Percent Invisible, a podcast hosted by Roman Mars about design, the built environment, and so much more, and The Allusionist, a podcast about words, because I am a nerd!”

Priyanka Kaura (Administrative Assistant)

  • “My go-tos are mainly the classics: This American Life, which shares stories from the ordinary to the extraordinary; Code Switch, which navigate the realities of talking about race; Serial, which an in-depth look at a different controversial case each season; and Hidden Brain, which explores ‘the hidden patters that shape human behavior.’ I guess I’m an NPR fan…”

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