Julia Jordan-Zachery

Julia Jordan-Zachery

Julia is a coach in the Grad School Rockstars mentorship community, where she helps interdisciplinary graduate students navigate self care, teaching, and writing routines while building strong professional communities.

Julia is also a professor of Public and Community Service and director of the Black Studies Program at Providence College (RI). Her interdisciplinary research focuses on African American women and public policy.

She is the author of the book Black Women, Cultural Images and Social Policy, and numerous articles including “Blogging at the Intersections: Black Women, Identity, and Lesbianism,” “The Female Bogeyman: Political Implications of Criminalizing Black Women,” and “Let Men be Men: A Gendered Analysis of Black Ideological Response to Familial Policies.”

Julia strives to bring intersectionality to a wider audience via her blog Sapphire Unbound, which explores the lived realities of Black women and challenges the invisibility of Black women in policy and politics.

Her recent paper “Black Girlhood and “The Help”: Constructing Black Girlhood in a “Post” Racial, Gender, and Welfare State” was the 2013 winner of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists’ Rodney Higgins Best Faculty Paper Award. She was also recently award the Accinno Teaching Award from Providence College (2016–2017).

Julia received her PhD in Political Science from the University of Connecticut, her MA in Economics from the University of Connecticut, and her BA in Economics from Brooklyn College.

Julia Jordan-Zachery

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An adult crouches next to a small child, showing the child something on a laptop she's been working on. Text reads "Caring while in academia"
Winter road, text reads "I like that I can share with graduate students what others have so beautifully and unselfishly shared with me, knowing that at some point they will give this knowledge to others, so coaching is never about me, the individual, it is about the community we are striving to build, Julia Jordan-Zachery, Grad School Coach at Ideas on Fire"
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