Karen Dewart McEwen wearing a blue shirt

Karen Dewart McEwen

Developmental editor

Dr. Karen Dewart McEwen is a developmental editor at Ideas on Fire, where she helps authors shape their arguments and connect with their readers.

She specializes in media studies, communication studies, and information studies, but she loves that her work introduces her to a wide range of interdisciplinary fields.

Karen also runs her own editing and writing support business. She brings a collaborative and empathetic approach to her work and seeks to give her clients more confidence through the editing process. She sees editing as a way of supporting research that contributes to justice within and beyond academia.

She holds a PhD in information studies from the University of Toronto, an MA in theory and criticism from Western University, and a BA in communication studies from Concordia University.

When she isn’t editing, Karen can be found hiking, growing veggies, and seeking out new non-dairy ice cream flavors.

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