Kate Drabinski

Education director
Kate Drabinski wearing a blue shirt

Dr. Kate Drabinski (she/her) is the education director at Ideas on Fire, where she teaches online courses for interdisciplinary scholars on how to create work/life balance, write for diverse audiences, and build diverse careers.

Kate is a senior lecturer in gender and women’s studies at the University of Maryland Baltimore County where she also directs Women Involved in Learning and Leadership, a student activist group on campus.

Kate is also a freelance writer with a regular column, Field Tripping, in Baltimore’s City Paper. She works with several local artists on the Queerstories project and its Lesbian Popcorn Cart which serves up popcorn with a side of local LGBTQ history at events and outsider art shows in the region. She is a member of Baltimore’s LGBTQ History Committee and works with local activists to lead history walking and bicycling tours in the city.

Kate is the co-editor of the book Baltimore Revisited: Stories of Inequality and Resistance in a US City, which examines the role of history in urban redevelopment practices.

In her spare time, Kate rides her bike around and writes about what she sees at her long-running blog, What I Saw Riding My Bike Around Today.

Kate earned her PhD in rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley with a graduate certificate in gender, women, and sexuality studies.

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