Ideas on Fire’s Tips for Keeping Motivated Over the Summer

Ideas on Fire’s Tips for Keeping Motivated Over the Summer

May 30, 2017
Ideas on Fire's Favorite Ways to Stay Motivated Over the Summer - Sunglasses sitting on a small sand dune on a beach

Amidst the end-of-semester chaos, it feels like we live for the summer. Summer means time off, sunny skies, and (for some of us) the opportunity to visit friends and loved ones far away. But summer can also be a crucial time to get long-term writing projects off the ground, hone teaching skills, or broach new creative and professional endeavors. In other words, it is both a (well-deserved) break and an opportunity to build on a foundation set during the school year. So while we at Ideas on Fire always encourage a well-timed, honest-to-goodness break as a mode of self-care, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite summer motivation tips.

Priyanka Kaura (Marketing Associate)

  • “I make it a point to put frequent outdoors time on my to-do list. In the summer, I’m always looking forward to that next breath of fresh air, so I schedule my whole day around it.”

Michelle Velasquez-Potts (Junior Editor)

  • “My way of staying motivated during the summer is to practice self-care by letting myself sleep for as long as I want (but making sure to get some work in before lunch time).”

Julia Jordan-Zachery (Grad School Rockstars Coach)

  • “In summer when my schedule becomes a bit more flexible, I am especially conscious about having ‘rewards,’ especially those that don’t involve buying anything, in place as motivation. It might be a moonlight walk on the beach after working towards a goal.”

Kate Drabinski (Grad School Rockstars Coach)

  • “Once the warm weather starts, I like to get my work in early, and then I can ride my bike as long and as far as I want. The exercise really helps me clear my mind and stay motivated.”

Cathy Hannabach (Founder & CEO)

  • “During the summer I seize the opportunity to do work in fun places like parks and plazas, the beach, or even art galleries. I get really inspired by creative environments, and this is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the weather and pleasures of summer while also getting stuff done that needs to be done.”

Alexandra Sastre (Communications Director)

  • “I am all about soaking up the sunshine, so in the summer I try to make time to go for a walk every day and actually be outdoors. Doing this not only gives me the energy to keep up with my writing, teaching and other projects, but also makes for great brainstorming time free of digital distractions.”

Sarah Grey (Editor)

  • “My favorite way to keep work energizing during the summer is to take it out to the hammock on the deck in the late afternoon!”

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