Being a graduate student usually means scraping and struggling to survive on very little money. If we’re lucky we’re fully funded or at least have teaching or assistantships that provide some kind of paycheck. Even then, those monies rarely provide enough to do more than make basic ends meet. Throw in the expenses of child or elder care, health care, transportation, and the unexpected bill and it can be a real struggle to get through, especially for those of us without family safety nets to pick up the extra costs.

In this free webinar, Ideas on Fire coach Dr. Kate Drabinski will cover the basics of money management for graduate students, including managing anxiety about money now and later, saving when there’s not much to save, dealing with taxes, deciding on loans and paying them back, and how to balance the need for time to do graduate work well with the desire to scoop up side gigs to make it all affordable. The webinar will also address the current state of organizing for academic labor and against proposed tax plans that threaten graduate student livelihoods.

This webinar is FREE and open to the public.

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