Olive Demar wearing a black, grey, and white patterned sweater and glasses

Olive Demar

Developmental editor

Dr. Olive Demar is a developmental editor at Ideas on Fire, where she helps authors develop greater clarity in their work.

In addition to her work as a freelance editor, Olive is the editor-in-chief of Dance Chronicle, a peer-reviewed journal for dance research published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis. She appreciates how writing engages multiple parts of ourselves and enjoys getting to know scholars through their work.

Olive’s research articles have appeared in TDR: The Drama Review, Lateral, Performance Research, and Dance Chronicle. Timeless Infinite Light (Oakland) published her poetry chapbook, Communism is up there and we are down here but it is happening now.

Olive earned her PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles, writing a dissertation on modern dance history in San Francisco. Originally from northern California, she currently lives in western Massachusetts.

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