Imagine Otherwise: André Pérez on Transgender Oral History & the Power of Storytelling for Trans People of Color

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Imagine Otherwise: André Pérez on Transgender Oral History & the Power of Storytelling for Trans People of Color

November 2, 2016 Podcast


How can trans people of color own their own stories? What’s the right balance between depicting the systemic violence a community faces and representing the joy, pleasure, hope, and love that community produces?

In this episode of Imagine Otherwise, host Cathy Hannabach chats with guest André Pérez about his approach to multimedia projects, why he focuses on work that empowers marginalized communities, and how storytelling helps us imagine otherwise.

We invite you to check out the podcast, as well as our show notes and highlights below.

Guest: André Pérez

André is a mixed race oral historian, educator, filmmaker, and community organizer whose work centers collaborative storytelling with marginalized communities. He founded the Transgender Oral History Project in 2007, and created a traveling multimedia historical exhibit in 2009. As the Director of I Live for Trans Education, André spearheaded development of a grassroots multimedia curriculum. Since 2013, André has recorded over 500 interviews as part of StoryCorps, broadcasting 50 segments on NPR and WBEZ. In the Summer of 2016, André premiered Been T/Here, a docu web series which features trans people of color talking about love and relationships on Open TV, the platform founded by Aymar Jean Christian, who we had on the podcast in Episode 3. André works at the Trans Lifeline as the Director of Communications and Marketing. André is currently Directing of America in Transition, a documentary web series and community engagement campaign looking at social justice from the perspective of trans people from marginalized communities.

We chatted about:

  • The importance of trans people of color owning their own stories (05:00)
  • Creating policies that are inclusive of race and class (08:30)
  • The responsible creation of culture (12:00)
  • Empowering marginalized communities (15:00)
  • Imagining Otherwise (20:00)


  • On popular media: “Popular media shapes how people outside of our community see us, understand us, relate to us. That’s a huge amount of power, and in the trans community, it’s compounded by the fact that there are so few of us.” (06:17)
  • On inclusiveness: “If we miss this opportunity, if we allow only white trans people to be speaking in this moment, that means we’re going to leave behind a lot of people. The people who need to benefit and have policies that really change the systemic racism and transphobia in our community.” (08:48)
  • On the responsible creation of culture: “My understanding of power shapes every aspect of how I see the world in general, and how I think about my work in particular. If we’re creating culture, whether it’s fictional or nonfictional, and we’re not challenging ourselves to be critical about power, then we’re just going to fall into tropes and stereotypes and archetypes.” (12:00)
  • On the empowerment of marginalized communities: “A lot of my work is trying to lift up the knowledge and experiences of people who are assumed to not have something valuable to say. I think those people in some ways have the most valuable things to say because they’ve had the least access to platforms in order to share.” (15:50)
  • On imagining otherwise: “I want a world that is just for everyone. It makes me sad to see short-sighted activists who only care about their community and can’t have the space the emotional space the intellectual space to imagine a world where there are many different kinds of people who get to be free.” (20:50)

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