Podcasting as Public Intellectualism - Orange and black headphones on a teal wood backgroundPodcasting’s popularity has exploded over the last 10 years, but too few scholars are taking advantage of its public intellectualism potential. As a diverse multimedia form, podcasting allows hosts, scholars, audiences, activists, teachers, students, and broader communities to connect scholarly research to public conversations and contribute to new worlds.

In this webinar, Dr. Cathy Hannabach, host of the Imagine Otherwise podcast that highlights projects and people that bridge art, activism, and academia to build more just worlds, guides participants through the process of creating podcasts as public intellectual work.

Topics include how public scholars, academics, artists, and cultural producers can use podcasting for public intellectualism; the process of producing your own podcast; and the cultural politics of podcasting as independent, networked media.

Podcasting as Public Intellectualism

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